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It’s that time. November first has come. There’s a cold, bitter wind blowing and the days are drastically shorter. The house is quiet, as though completely empty. Perhaps a horrible Halloween accident the night before? No! It’s the attack of the monster known simply as “Nanowrimo”. It stalked its prey and devoured them this morning.

That’s write… What? I mean, right of course!

Help, writing is on my brain!

My children and I have taken the Nanowrimo challenge! So here we sit, all quiet, ready to write. Where are the words? What shall we say? Our stories barely formed in the ether of our minds are begging for release. Will any be the “Great American Novel”? I guess we shall see. Hopefully our sanity will survive the next months as we desperately try to write. Madly pound on keyboards, passionately clutch at pencils, insanely try to put words together into coherent sentences in the hopes of storytelling.

I encouraged my children to take on the nanowrimo challenge. They are filled with youthful exuberance at the thought! I hope that this will be a creative way to get the writing for a school project. I look forward to watching their stories grow. Their ideas seem more developed than mine. I am completely stumped. I plan to just start banging on keys and hope that something coherent evolves into a story. I think I will just write. And enjoy. Carefree stories for carefree days.

Stories are calling, sentances are forming, it must be time to write! Excuse us as we vanish. *Poof*