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Boys are all the same! All around the world, boys will find a way to make anything into a game.

Today we were working on our revamped timeline in our school notebooks. I got this great idea from a local homeschooling mother. This branched into my husband and I making a template in the style of customizable card games to use in our timeline.

What on earth are you talking about? To sum up this idea instead of trying to write sideways and running out of room on some pages for historical events, you use card protector pages and put the events on cards inside the pockets. This allows you to expand by adding more protector pages and rearrange for new events you are recording. The best part of this is that you can see the history of the world in a much more global way. You can see that when so and so ruled in Egypt so and so ruled in China. When you are putting in information about an author of a book or a scientist, you can see what else is going on in the world.

We could go low tech and easy and just use cut up scraps of paper or index cards to jot these notes down on. Instead, we decide to go the extra mile. The result? Our old timeline has found its way to the circular file and I have recreated all of our previous notes into “trading cards”. Nine pages of nine cards. Wow, we’re only in Egypt, I can’t believe how much we’ve learned! And I’m exhausted from typing and searching for pictures!

Today we were cutting away at these pages of cards so we can insert them into our brand new timeline. The boys go to town with scissors and paper scraps and a lot of giggling. They only cut out a couple of these cards before they realized what my husband and I had created.

Cries of, “We can play a game!” soon reached my ears and I smiled while watching. Before I knew it, the boys had invented their own history game. I must say I don’t understand the rules or the purpose, but they seemed to be having a great deal of fun.

“I play Abraham!” Caramon says gleefully.

“Oh he’s taking his family to Canaan!” Joram says and plays a card.

This progressed into a blur with Moses taking the Hebrew nation from Egypt, the two Hebrew nations being set up, the combining of the two, and finally Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar invading. Things did not stop here, though, they played cards to travel down Egypt’s story as well!

All the while giggling and talking about all they’d learned in history.

Who said learning was no fun? Just ask my kids, all it takes is finding a game to play!