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We are home from MarsCon and exhausted! The convention was wonderful! Best of all it wasn’t terribly expensive so we are definately going to have to add this one to our regular schedule. There were some wonderful panels, awesome gaming, and the kids had a blast!

Starting off with the kids activities, they most enjoyed the game room. They were able to play several games of Star Wars miniatures as well as Magic. They played well, and the people they played with had a good time. One of the games that Joram played, he used the other person’s figures and put together such a great army that he ended up putting the army in a baggie together for this gentlemen to use in the future. Caramon, and later Joram, played an extensive amount of D&D. There was a huge setup on a couple of tables and painted pewter miniatures. The DM enjoyed working with several children. Caramon ended up winning a monster miniture from the D&D Miniatures game.

Other than gaming, the children enjoyed musicians, art panels, and some science panels. The children went to something on Tessla and so we are going to set aside some learning to do a little bit more on Tessla. The children became fascinated with some of the things they heard. The other thing the boys really enjoyed involved electricity, making chain mail, and monsterology.

I love that conventions are so educational for the children!

My husband spent a majority of his time hanging out in art and science panels.

One of my favourite panels was a write off. Two teams of writers squared off to tandem write a story. They had to include certain, very wacky, markers. We were laughing so hard at some of the tales! I shall never look at jelly donuts or chihuahua’s the same again!

While at the convention, we discovered a new (to us) band that was beyond delightful. Check out the celtic band, Coyote Run.

I delved into my inner crafter and turned a mundane barbie into a floral fairy. I might do a little more work to her now that I’m home, we’ll see. Odette thought that she was busy transforming from princess into swan, but now she’s made the ultimate transformation! She seems very happy now!

I didn’t make it to two of the writing workshops I wanted to attend. That is OK. I did get to attend several writing panels and met some interesting new authors I will have to sample. Once my to be read pile is down to a more reasonable size of maybe only 50-75 books!

All in all, Marscon was delightful! Next month it’s Farpoint! I’m very much looking forward to Ravencon in April, though, and attended both a planning meeting as well as a party for Ravencon. And I don’t even need to mention my long time convention of Balticon, in May.

Lady Ozma