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Sometimes I feel like the ultimate in slackers with the whole homeschool thing. I want to do so much, but we often run out of time during the day. How do I balance all the things that I want to do with all the things that the children want to do? Plus, our basic lessons?

I know part of this is my overachieving nature. We do so much, but I don’t give myself credit. When I look back on our lesson plans and our crafts, I’m blown away. I read the essays or the stories my children write, and am so proud.

This week in a crazy fit of anal retentive Lady Ozma nature, I created a spreadsheet to track my lessons with the boys. I am of course never happy with anything. Today I contemplated a complete change of direction with it. I don’t know why, but I always have to mix things up and try different ways!

I began plugging things into my spreadsheet for this week. I thought this week had been completely lax, like we should have done more. Caramon fell ill on Monday so I gave both kids the day “off”. After Caramon’s stomache settled down, I had the boys laying down and alternating reading or watching videos. Some videos were just fun ones like Land Before Time, others were good educational things on Marco Polo and so forth.

Tuesday was a tad lax as well. Caramon’s illness was gone and our friend wanted to meet up and I figured some good exercise for two hyper boys would be an excellent move. So, we packed ourselves up and cruised over to Chick-Fil-A.

However, it’s Thursday and our week is quite full! I can’t believe it. Even with the light day on Monday and the light day on Tuesday? Tons of educational time! We even went to the Park for a little bit today!

What else did I do? I helped the kids work on several of their cub scout achievements. Both boys threw themselves into this with everything they had. On the phone, speaking with a cub scout leader, I found myself discussing the needs for Showman. Mostly revolving the puppets they were to make on Tuesday. Next thing I knew, I had a puppet play in my family room! A rubbermaid tote for a stage, a red blanket for a curtain, and paper puppets manned by two hyper little boys left me in tears from laughing so hard! School through cub scouts works for me! Today Caramon investigated the Scientist pin. He taught everything to his brother and together they performed several experiments involving air pressure, inertia, and gravity.

We have yet to begin The Odyssey. I thought I had a copy of The Odyssey, but I cannot find it. Maybe I was wrong. So we continue reading Greek Myths and the boys are LOVING it! They love the myths. I have a junior version of The Odyssey that I think we’ll start on Monday just because I really want them to read it. It’s watered down, but that’s OK. Right? They are going to love the story!

The biggest thing I wanted to do was to get back into our chemistry and to do another French lesson and Japanese lesson. Oh well. It’s all good!

We are having tons of fun! The kids picked out all sorts of free learning things this week to amuse me. Galileo, Joan of Arc, and Marco Polo were my favourite retellings I heard! Now they want to do a little free learning about a viking, so maybe we’ll go find a book on Lief Erickson for them to read!

All in all, it’s seemed like a slow week, but I look back and can’t believe it all! This is what I love most about homeschooling my kids. We’re able to get so much done in such a little space of time. The next thing I love most is the joy in learning that my children have once more. When they were bored in school, they only had that spark when we were able to squeeze in our afterschooling. The rest of the day’s events were just not the same.

I’m so glad for my children. I’m learning so much with them and from them. Half the time I think they are teaching me! I love it!

Peace and Blessings
–Lady O