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Stay at home mother’s received a pay raise this year. Woot! We are now worth $138,095 a year. That’s a nice salary of $2,655 a week! Ok, fine… there’s taxes to pay… let’s see… married… 2 exemptions… sure. That’s about $2198 for me after the IRS takes their share.

Tomorrow’s pady day. Where’s my paycheck?

I could really use that! I could use it to pay for gas and the note on the van that doubles as school bus and taxi cab.

I could use it to pay for the food to feed two growing and starving little boys. (Just ask, they’ll make sure to tell you we are so destitute the last time they ate was last time you fed them!)

I could use it to replace the shoes with holes in them, add books on the shelves for education and literary needs, all sorts of things!

So I ask again, where’s my paycheck? Do you know what I could do with an extra almost $2200 a week?

And yet, I really think that it’s not enough. What is the value of a stay at home mother? She is raising our future businessmen, doctors, lawyers, and leaders. She is caring for the world’s most precious commodity, children. Is that worth a mere $2200 a week? I think it’s priceless.

The study says that a mother works a 92 hour work week. Maybe that’s why I’m always so tired? Some days it feels like a 92 hour work day! At the end of the week though, most mother’s couldn’t tell you how many hours they felt they “worked”. The joy of motherhood is enough. Sure it is stressful, but it is the only job where you are “paid” to have fun and play.

What other job let’s you play hide and seek? Spray someone with a water hose? Sack out on the sofa with a book and some quality snuggle time with the kids? What other job pays you with butterfly kisses and giggles?

-Lady O