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I ready over at Gizmodo today that supposedly some genius used his maddog hacker skillz just to find out if Harry gets some hot Hermione action before getting his butt whupped by He Who Must Not Be Named.

Riiiiiiiight. Cause if you could do that, that’s what you’d waste your skills on instead of doing something that would like… get you cold hard cash. A month before it releases? Thanks for taking your sweet time. Can we say… LOSER!!!!

Instead of talking about that, I’d much rather hear thoughts on the photo that went along with it. No seriously. Look at this sucker.

Now you tell me what’s going on there? Yeah, we ALL know what’s going on there. His Firebolt is… well… on fire…

Poor guys, it’s cold shower time for now. But cheer up, it’s not for long. She’s legal in less than a year! Are your clocks counting down?

Don’t lie. You know they are. Guess what… she’s outta Harry’s league and even further outta yours.

–Lady O