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Take your clouds in your coffee and bite my toe. I know that song is about me! And just because you are being a snot, I’ll show you! It’s Vanity Google time!

Some people are probably Vanity Google Virgins. You poor souls. If you’re looking for a self-esteem boost or just plain want to bask in your own ego-maniacal glory, the best route is the Vanity Google.

Come on. Do it. You know you wanna!

Tonight I seriously Vanity Googled myself. More than just checking to make sure that whole first page is about ME! (Ten links. All me? Check. Well they should be. As if anyone would want to look for someone else? )

Why? Why would you do this, Lady O? Because of the possible job offer. I thought to myself, “What if Gizmodo were to Google me? Am I impressive enough for the Gizmodo Gods?” Joking with a friend, I gave it a whirl.

Page 1. All ten links are me. Woot!

Page 2. All but the last link? Me again! Awesome!

Page 3. All but one link… yours truly!

Rock the house! Yes, that’s 28 of the top 30 hits for Lady Ozma at Google being ME! ME! ME!

OK, reality check, I have been using this name for FOREVER on the net. Where ever and what ever. So I’m not surprised. My following of like three people… they should be so proud! I definitely am no Mur Lafferty. I don’t even want to know how many pages of Google she owns! But hey, it’s still cool!

So, my glorious readers, Vanity Google yourself! Comment me your results! *GRINS* All two of you…

-Lady O

PS, I know, three in one day! You guys probably feel like you have the old blog-o-holic Lady O back, don’t you? Enjoy it while it lasts… I’ve had some free time!