Ok, I know I was all excited but I got lazy.  I didn’t apply for those jobs.  Because I’m CHICKEN! 

It’s oh so easy to blog for yourself. But to dedicate that you actually will post that much?  And know what to post?  And have people actually read it?  That’s a little much.

I mean, I know people read my blog.  I get comments.  Sometimes.  Ok, almost never.  But that’s OK.  I see in the counter that people viewed my insane ramblings.  Why on earth do you people read me?

Is it because I’m one hot milf?  Because of my wit and charm?  Because I’m your friend so you feel you must even though you don’t want to?

Blogging is fun.  It’s nice to blog and be able to flex my writing muscles without the fear of an editor breathing down my neck.  “Lady O, seriously, what are you thinking?” 

It all boils down to… I’m a big fat chicken.  Start playing the Chicken Dance Polka anytime.  Yes, I’m a chicken.

OK, and I’m so indecisive.  I couldn’t figure out what to use for clips.  I can’t find where my book of clips the last time I worked as a journalist went.  I can’t believe how long ago that was.  I read things and thought, “No this isn’t good enough.”  I am my own worst critic.  And it always bites me in the butt.  Hard.  

Anyone got a bandaid?  I think this bite drew blood….

-Lady O


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