Ok, I declare this day skip day for all home-schoolers.  Yeah, I know, now the day is mostly gone!  But you know how it goes… Oh and it is summer.  Right.

Learning never truly stops.  Just because the schools shut down and kids don’t think they are learning, every day is an educational experience.  Adults don’t realize it, but it’s true to them as well.

But today?  I feel like doing nothing.  My knee has so much pain in it.  I can’t concentrate.  My focus is cowering in a corner from the pain monster.  Someone, save me?

I need to go to the grocery store.  I can’t find the motivation to hobble around to do it.  So instead, I lay here in my water-bed.  Yes, I’ve got the sexy negligee and pink bunny slippers on!  Whatever amuses you blog readers!

I’m going to not feel bad about skipping more mainstream lessons.  My children attended two days of daylong camp this week.  But, just to ensure they learned something, we did school the other two days and I sent them to Vacation Bible School in the evenings.  That should be enough, darn it!

So, today is Homeschool Skip Day.  If the principal doesn’t like it… well, I guess it’s good that I have such a personal relationship with him!

Uh, oh.  I just realized I may have taught my kids something anyway.  The value of personal days to unwind.  Crud.  No!  They better not learn this lesson on a skip day!  You hear that kids?  Yeah, they can’t hear it.  I’m in mom mode, and as we all know, kids don’t hear moms. 

What will you do with your skip day?

–Lady O

Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com