Convention season is in full swing, and so my geek photos are on the rise.  Which is great fun, of course!  Me and my camera, we’re inseparable.  It’s my baby.  I love taking photos.  Sometimes though, it feels awkward to snap pictures at conventions.  To snag someone in the hall to ask for a picture. 

This might surprise some people, but I’m really very shy.  I don’t like to interrupt people if they are doing something.  So I just try to stay quiet and not bother people.  Or I try to sneak a picture from the background, unnoticed. 

If you ask me to work for you, I find myself lost in nervousness.  Will I get the picture you want?  How can I best please you?  I ponder what I know about you, your likes and dislikes.  What kind of dynamics you and your family or the current situation holds.

Sometimes I wonder if I over-think things.  If I worry too much about pleasing others.  I really want to please people, find ways to make them happy.  I love the thought of bringing joy to those around me.  Photography is something I can sometimes offer to do this. 

I try to help people out, documenting events.  Currently, I take pictures of church events for the women’s organization.  I took pictures at Ravencon of the Masquerade.  And tonight?  Tonight I got a phone call asking me to be the staff photographer at Shore Leave.

To work a convention as official photographer?  To have a badge that proclaims me boss of pictures?  That’s kind of daunting.  Kind of exciting.  Am I worthy?  Will I have the strength to take charge and fill this roll?

On the bright note, maybe I can get the pictures that I want and don’t always take.  Hopefully I will have some fun ones to post to my Flickr.  Most of the pictures will go to the convention, but I will make sure to get some for posting.  Of course, I think I still have a few from Balticon to post.  I’m such a slacker.

So am I your choice for a geek photo ho?  Do you think I have what it takes to be a staff photographer?  If you see me coming at the convention…

Strike a pose.

There’s nothing to it.


-Lady O

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