In our women’s meeting at church, we discussed prayer today.  This is probably the simplest thing that we can all do, but it’s also the easiest to forget.

Why is it when things are going well, we get lax in our prayers?  Yet, just as soon as things hit the toilet, we’re on our knees begging for aid.

My husband and I have several decisions we are trying to make right now.  Some of them are pretty important.  We’ve been praying this weekend to know what His will is for us and our family.  I am not sure what the answers are, but I know what I am starting to feel.

The Lord answers our prayers in a variety of ways.  There’s the feeling of peace that burns inside of us, making us feel so good.  Then there’s the absence of all things good and uplifting, that feeling that makes us sure that something is completely wrong.  Sometimes, that’s hard to feel if it is something that we really want.

The final one is perhaps the scariest.  The feeling of nothing.  Need we wait longer?  Is there a reason the Lord is not talking to us?  Am I unworthy of His answers?  Really, if we’ve waited for His answers and are truly listening, what does this mean?  Some say, it is the trust the Lord has in us.  He knows that we can make this decision without His help.

But the problem?  How can we have trust ourselves like the Lord trusts us?  How can we know if we make the right decision?  How can He trust us when we can’t trust ourselves?

Hopefully, we make the right decisions.  It seems as though we have a positive on one, but the dreaded silence on the other.  It’s going to be a stressful and difficult week around the Kingdom. May we do the Lord’s will is my prayer now.

–Lady O