Ok, so you peeps are asking, so I’m answering.  Yes, I did apply for the jobs with Gizmodo.

The truth is, I did it just because I could.  I’m a stay at home mother and I home-school my sons.  I love my life.  I’m happy with it.  I didn’t apply for this job out of serious need for money or because I’m unhappy with my life.

I applied because I’m a writer.  I’ve always dreamed of being a writer. 

When I was so young that I can’t even remember how old I was… I saw Superman for the first time.  And I fell in love.  Best looking alien without pointed ears.  (Yeah, I have the hots for Spock, too.)  I decided I wanted to be a journalist so I could be Lois Lane and then Superman would love ME!  Not her!  Because, well, I’m hotter than her.  Right? Of course I am.  (You know you are enjoying reading my blogs since I write them lounging in bed in my sexy negligee and pink bunny slippers… I’m smoking hot!)

I never really knew what beat I wanted.  I’ve watched the peeps on techie shows and just envied them.  I want to try out new gadgets and give reviews.  Sercretly, I’m a 10 year old at heart.  I like toys.  Toys are great!  How I wish I could do that!  So, when the Gizmodo job came up I figured why not.

I’m a busy woman.  I don’t blog regularly just because of that.  Well, that, and I’m not sure what all to blog about.  I mean, you really wanna read me?  About my life?  Man, there are some bored people on the net.  My life is rather boring.  HA!

I’m trying to be braver and more dilligent in my personal writing.  My novels and short stories.  My poetry.  Yeah, I know, none of it is posted here.  Cause I’m just not brave.  But I’m working on it.  Mur’s always telling me in her podcast, “I should be writing.”  So I’m trying.  And I figured, this was a good thing to do to help me not be Chicken Ozma.

I don’t think I’m what they want.  I don’t know that they will even be interested in me.  It’s all good.  The worst that will happen is they’ll give me the job.  But getting a rejection letter will be a good learning and growing experience for me.  Maybe, it’ll help me be braver. 

We could all use some bravery in our lives.  We all have our Goliath’s to fight.  Will we be able to stand strong in the face of our giant like David? 

-Lady O


Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com