Ok, seriously, I did apply for that job over at Gizmodo.  Why not?  It was right up my alley.  Maybe they’ll give me the hook up, maybe not.  It’s worth at least trying, right? Be brave.  I’m the tiger, baby.  I’m the tiger.

Anyway, I used for writing samples my blog entries i posted on Friday about the Vampire Wine and the cool Carnivorous Plant Desktop Set.  (Which I think I need to buy some of the latter, that’s just awesome.)  Well on Saturday, I see that the weekend poster at Gizmodo totally did a toy Venus Flytrap Plant.  What the heck?  Ok, almost the same thing.  Was I ganked?  If so, woot for me.  :) 

Now, which is better?





You be the judge.  Of course, my vote is fairly obvious… but I’ll let you readers be the judge.  Comment back!  Seriously, you can be honest and tell me that theirs is better. 

Enjoy the reads!

–Lady O

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