Ok, let’s face it. I’ve got enough gadgets hanging off my utility belt.  People call me Batgirl.  Perhaps they have discovered my secret identity?

Come on!  All the cool kids have a secret identity.  Right?  Clark’s got Superman.  Bruce has Batman.  Peter has Spidey.  Why can’t I have one?  Girl power baby!

You know, the only reason most of the time to watch Letterman is his top ten lists.  Everyone loves them.  Everyone copies them.  So, I’m gonna follow the crowd.  Here we go!

Top Ten Reasons Why Lady Ozma Might Secretly Be Batgirl:

10. The girl is good with tech.

9. Where does she get those wonderful toys?

8. She looks hot on the back of a motorcycle.

7. She’s hotter in all black leather or spandex.  It can go either way.

6. Masks are terribly comfortable.  She thinks everyone will be wearing them in the future.

5. All her toys are black.  The girl can accessorize.

4. She loves to fly, it’s the best mode of travel, and bats fly.

3. She is a vampire… and vampires came from bats.

2. You never see her in the same room with Batgirl.

And the number one reason that people accuse Lady Ozma of secretly being Batgirl…

1. We caught her sneaking out of the Batcave.

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Well, if you guys say so… only one question though.  Who ganked my wicked bike? These boots are made for walking, you know…

– Lady O (AKA Batgirl)

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