A month ago, my sister-in-law rang me on the phone and asked if we’d like to have her son come for a visit.  Our nephew is the same age as Caramon, we have not seen him in a year, and amazingly he is going to already be in our area!  Uh, yeah!!! 

So for the last month, I have put up with the kids asking how much longer, how many more days, hours, minutes.  You could say there was a little excitement around these parts!  Maybe? 

I became real anxious as the visit neared.  So many wonderful things, fun things, educational things… how’s a girl to decide?  Just what was I to do while he visited?  How do I narrow it all down? 

I think I have it narrowed down, now that he is here.  Though there’s so much more I want to do!  There’s just not enough time before he leaves.  Sometimes I wish I could control time, have my very own Tardis.  Maybe I should hijack Bill and Ted’s phone booth?  Buy myself a few more days to do things with my nephew?  Seems like a plan to me!

Yesterday we went into town.  There’s this great scavenger hunt going on there.  Local businesses and artists teamed up to promote tourism, town knowledge, and environmental awareness.  Throughout town, you can find a collection of 35 large fish.  We gathered with some friends of mine, and together the eight of us embarked on a three mile hike, searching out fish and clues.

Today, I took the three boys to a local battlefield.  We learned about the battle held over 140 years ago while driving the park.  We found a handful of walking trails and set off for more hiking.  Today’s hiking was far harder, however, through the woods, up hills and over bridges.  A whole lot of exploring going on.  Another three miles and the boys were ready for more!  Begging for more! 

With any luck we’ll all be getting a bit trimmer from all this hiking!  The plans for tomorrow?  Who knows!  I’m hoping for far shorter hikes should we go a-walking!  Whatever we do, It’s sure to be fun filled and action packed!  I’m so glad that we can do all this with my nephew! 

Maybe I’ll lose some weight with all this hiking in July!  Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she?

-Lady O

PS: Dear Readers, if you want to see some of the fun we’re having, I’m posting pictures to my flickr.  It’s going to be a process as I have little time to post them all… but feel free to check out.  I’m uploading as fast as I can!  We really are having a blast!  My only hope is that my nephew is having as much fun as we are!!  🙂

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