Here it is, day two.  I’m doing good.. no real surprise.  It’s always easiest to be all gung ho when you start.  You get up and have no trouble doing your work outs and congratulate yourself.  Day two is a piece of cake.  Mmmm… cake.  And you can see there how it can go downhill so fast.

How fast?  Depends on if I find that cake. 

Seriously, it’s the momentum.  Keeping it going.  Right now I’m having an easy time.  I’ve got company.  We’re traipsing around town.  We’re traipsing around the woods.  We’re just traipsing.  What can I say, we’re just wild that way.

But what happens next week?  In a couple of weeks? A month?  Will I lose that drive?  That momentum?  I guess that’s why I’m trying out Spark.  For I need just that.  A spark to light that fire under my butt.

I have a long way to go, a lot of work to do, and I need a lot of motivation. 

To reward myself for a job well done, I’m watching some TV.  Nothing worthwhile… just kind of resting.  My knee is hurting from the hiking today.  The fun was totally worth the hiking pains though! 

My next reward will be some quality time with the To Be Read shelf.  No seriously.  It’s bad.  Perhaps I should turn that into some excercise?  It’s definitely some strength training there.  I think I’m up to 90 books on that shelf.  EEEEK.  I may never dig through it all!

Till tomorrow…

-Lady O

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