Is it hard to get motivated to move every day?  It sure can be for me.  I mean, why should I?  I have this comfy waterbed.  I have great books, the internet at my beck and call, what more do I need?  Alas, looking hot lounging in my bed just will not cover it.  Who wants Batgirl to be huffing and puffing her way after the supervillians of the world?  Yeah, that’s real classy.

I try to do something, but it’s so daunting.  What do I do today?  I ask myself this far too much.  Here I am, this great creative genius!  And I can’t think of something to do to help keep myself fit and looking smoking hot?  What’s wrong with me?

I’ve tried it all. 

Walking is great, especially with the kids.  But then you run into the problem of either the path gets boring or the weather is gross.  So you move to an indoor location.  That sure doesnt’ help with the boring thing, that quickly becomes boring.  Not only that, but inside generally means mall.  Mall means distractions from walking.  Distractions from walking generally means that not only are you not doing what you should to work your body, but suddenly something else entirely gets the workout.  Your credit card.  Ouch.

So the DVR is the next option.  Oh where can I find some good workout vidoes on the tv?  This soon fades because you just aren’t vibing with the tv person.  The old problem was that these shows are on at 4:30 AM or some other really bad timeslot.  DVR technology is a many splended thing.  Whatever happened to Mouscercise?  I loved that growing up.

Next up comes the gym membership.  This will work!  You get classes, which means set times and groups to motivate you.  Why on earth is yoga at 7 PM when we are eating dinner?  It is OK.  I’ll fit it in on my schedule.  The first major hit to that idea is the distraction factor.  Oh, I got busy doing such-and-such, didn’t make it to the gym today.  I’ll go tomorrow.   Tale as old as time.  Suddenly two months has gone by and you went to the gym… nada.  What a waste of 75 bucks a month.  The second major obstical I find, boredom.  Plain and simple.  I can’t stand the television shows they have.  BORING!  Not only that, but there’s only so much staring at other people’s butts I can talk while I am working the stationary bike or elliptical.  Don’t get me wrong, sometimes there are some mighty fine butts, but really.  It’s a butt.  If you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.  And to have to stare at them for half an hour or more is not thrilling.  The final obstacle would of course be the ogling factor. I really have no type of body to ogle.  Yet men all snap to attention when any woman comes in to excercise.  It does not matter if she’s anorexically thin or nearing the weight of their male-enhancement Hummer in the parking lot.  Woman+Gym=Ogle. 

So how do you beat the boredom?  How do you add variety to your life so that you can be motivated? 

I like the buddy system.  If I drag you along to keep me company, the time goes much faster!  I also like the variety plan.  By having a plethora of places to go walking, or activities planned for walking, the walks are so much easier!  By taking mini challenges, I can add some variety as well. 

I love the way I feel after I get up and move.  That’s generally what keeps me going.  Nothing feels better than the feeling of a well used muscle.  There’s a reason why stretching in the morning feels good.  Just keep stretching throughout the day!

I’m very flexible still.  Human pretzel here I come!  However, I’m nowhere near as flexible as I used to be, and that depresses me.  So I’m not super dancer with 20+ hours a week at the studio.  Yeah, that might be part of it.  I do want to keep my bendy-factor high.  So I work on that with stretch excercises.  But, bendy will not save the world.

So, to move or not to move.  That is the question.  Today, the answer is, move!

I’m off to the pool.  Yeah, you guys.  Drool away.  Batgirl in her black swimsuit.  Yeah, baby! Enjoy your ogling.  I might be kind and not bust your supervillian butts.  I’m feeling charitable today.

-Lady O

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