All the world awaits anxiously for the blessed hour that Harry Potter releases to the general public.  Bookstores everywhere prepare for the onslaught of rabid Harry fans.  Unopened boxes soon will find themselves utterly destroyed in the mad frenzy.

Who thinks they might attend a Harry Potter party?  Will you wear your wizard robes?  Eagerly, with book in hand, will you venture to see the latest movie?  Again?  How many people are there cramming in a reread of one or more of the books?

In my house, there are two little boys anxious for the new Harry books.  Caramon decided he simply must reread each book.  He has hidden himself away from the world at large, attempting to get in just one more page.  Each day I hear, “Mommy, how much longer till the last book comes out?  When will we get it?”

When shall we get the book?  I do not know.  I debate the idea of taking my children for the festivities at the local Borders, though we did not preorder the book.  I know they would enjoy that immensly.  On the 11th they attended, in full robes and scarves and with wands, a viewing of two movies at the local library.  Last Friday, they took part in a wonderfully decorated party celebrating both the new movie and book.

I am torn between a movie and a book.  I cannot afford both.  The movie is darn near impossible to afford with a family of four.  Theatres these days charge way too much money, and I firmly believe that is the reason movie ticket sales decline.  Hopefully, we shall see the movie before it leaves the theatre, but it will not be in the next few weeks.  As for the book, I long to know the ending.

Will Draco confess his undying love for Hermoine?  Will Harry live or die?  Will Dumbledore rise from the ashes like his beloved phoenix?  Will the wizarding world learn that Snape is truly their friend or will readers find their hearts crushed with the news that Snape works for He Who Must Not Be Named?  How many Hogwarts teachers will die in the oncoming battle between good and evil?  Students?  And just how badly will things go at the Dursleys this summer?

So many questions.  And hours to go before the book debuts.  Even longer before I am able to get the book to read.  However shall I remain spoiler free?  I fear that feat impossible. 

Hopefully, I can soon get a copy of the book and discover how the story ends.  Until then, everyone else, happy wizarding!

–Lady O

PS.  If Harry dies, let me know!!!! 

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