*this post may be edited later for better sounding-ness*

I’m preparing to do the whole Christmas card/cookie/candy thing.  Anyone want in on a swappies?  Contact me with your info and I’ll gladly add you to my Card list automatically.  Since I need to make them and that’s on the plan for this week… I would love to know who to make and send to!

Also this week is cookie/candy swaps so I’m going to be in full on baking mode.  If you have suggestions, let me know.  Or if you want me to post what I make, let me know.

I might even be willing to discuss fun care packages of cookies/candy as right now it appears I”m making several different things which will be more than enough for my swap on Thursday.  But, I need to know if you want something pronto so I can plan accordingly and get things packaged up and mailed out Thursday while everything is fresh!!

Update: The cookies and candies I’m making are as follows:

1. Ghiradelli semi sweet fudge

2. Chocolate chip banana cookies

3. Chocolate chip mint cookies

4. Chocolate crunchie cookies

5. Peanut butter cookies

6. Sugar cookies

7. Peanut butter chip chocolate cookies

8. *New creation working title “Ozma’s Emeralds”*

9. Chocolate candies – Santa, sleigh, reindeer

–Love and hugs from the O.Z.

-Lady Ozma

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