My goal in reading for 2008 is multifold.  First I want to start my bookgroup back up again so I can continue to read interesting books I might not otherwise find and read.  Second, I want to read 40 books this year, minimum.  Last year I read 36.  Surely I can do 40.  Here's where it gets interesting though.  Secretly I'd like to do 60, because I have roughly 120 books on my To Be Read Shelf, and that would half the number.  Ideally, I'd like to read all 120 so that I can clear them out!  Plus, I have a feeling my mother will be adding to the pile so I need to read buckets of books to make room for the buckets she'll give me!  *GRINS*

Treasure Island is my classic for January.  The kids and I reading 2 chapters a day on the inernet.  Woot!  I challenge all of you to read with us!  We only began today, so for Tuesday, you need only read four chapters to catch up!

I am also reading several other books personally.  Here you go:



–Lady O

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