**LJ Idol Season 4 Week 9 Entry: My Scars**

With a topic of “My Scar”, I’m not sure just what I am supposed to think.  Such a deeply personal question.  People have different feelings towards ownership, and it leaves me questioning where to begin.

Is it right to seek ownership of such a thing?  Deciding this weighty matter sets you on a particular path, and once on that path you cannot turn back.  For right or for wrong, for good or for ill, your decision has been made.  You must face the consequences.

It will change the way you see the world around you.  Once you saw the world as through the eyes of a child.  Now you have faced major adult decisions and made them yours.  Interpersonal relations, political leanings, feelings of safety and security all hinge on this one single decision.  Sometimes you lose friends, change crowds, as you become a different person than you were yesterday.

Will you grasp on, claiming ownership, knowing your world will forever change?

Arguments steam extensive debates.  Many say ownership is not needed, while others claim the utter necessity towards ownership and the rights extended to each and every person.

Just where do I stand on ownership?  I say reach out, and grasp it.  Claim it as your own.  Make it an extension of your person, and it will become a part of your person.

Here is a picture of mine:

Yes, I love my SCAR.  It takes a real woman to handle this kind of combat assault rifle, and I’m most definitely a real woman.  I claim ownership proudly, not hiding this away.  I feel no shame, no regrets, no sorrow at the sight of my SCAR.  Instead, it brings me great happiness and fulfillment.

Feel it, stroke it, accept it, love it.

–Lady O

*Enjoy this LJ-Idol post.  If you find it intriguing, please vote for me.  If not, that’s cool.  Comment away.  BTW This is by no means indicative of my feelings on 2nd Amendment rights, nor an opening to 2nd Amendment discussions.  This is completely indicative of my feelings of being just plain weird.  But watch out, or my friends pictured above and I might use you for target practice!  😉

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