A friend told me about a lecture series in our town, and I managed to fit the first one in when Dr Susan Newman spoke.  Her lecture engaged me so much, I wanted to learn more from this educated and wonderful woman.

It is no wonder that Ebony and Essence magazines are all over this Reverend.  Mixing humour with biblical truths in a way that helps a person relate the stories to their own lives, Newman encourages women everywhere to discover their Inner Eve.

My Inner Eve plays hide and go seek through the pages of this 118 page book.  I caught glimpses of her, who she wanted to be, while reading. 

Newman suggests that we all have the perfect woman that Eve was when first God formed her from Adam.  We just need to coax her out of hiding.  Just as Eve hid from the Lord after sinning, our own Inner Eve hides from fear of punishment, ridicule, self doubt, and far too many other things than one can count. 

There is no reason why our Inner Eve cannot escape that we bind her with. 

I recommend this book to women of all race and faith.  Men, read this and help your wives find their own Inner Eve. 

If you ever get a chance to see the author speak, take full advantage of it!

–Lady O

Originally posted on ladyozma.vox.com