Huzzah for Jericho fans everywhere!  Last night we saw a rise for the make it or break it week of this sophmore show!

Some interesting facts about Jericho:

Premiered in September 06 as a freshman drama, but was canceled following a devastating cliffhanger involving neighbouring towns in brutal conflict.
Fans rallied for the show’s “Rally Point” by flooding CBS with over 50 tons of peanuts, hoping to save the show.
CBS Renews the show and plans for a mid-season airing this season.  CBS has only done this twice with hot shows that lasted for many seasons after that such as JAG.
Jericho and CBS struck a deal so that season 1 now airs on The Sci Fi Channel.  It is not too late to Follow the Bomb!
Last night reality show Big Brother referenced a virus from the Jericho TV Series.

I highly recommend this show.  It centers around a small Kansas town following a terrorist nuclear strike in many major metropolitan cities.  While sometimes things stretch the imagination and likelihood, the story engages you in the mystery of the terrorist strike.  At this point, we still don’t quite have all the answers, but it is inspiring to see the lengths some people will take to keep life as we know it going and discouraging to find the lengths some people will take to gain control in a horrible situation.

If you are not a fan, check it out.  It is an amazing show that will engage your mind. 

I do not know if CBS tracks the internet viewership on their website, but it is worth the effort of watching again on the internet on the official CBS page.   Anything to have CBS see that there are viewers in a world where the slanted Nielson Rating System rules supreme!

–Lady O

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