After a recommendation from a friend, I decided to investigate the website She used it for her daily Bible study in an effort to read the entire Bible in one year. I quickly jumped on the bandwagon and now use the site eagerly each day.

The site caters to the mainstream protestant Christian world, though I believe the non mainstream could gain a lot as well. Between the plethora of daily and weekly devotionals to choose from, many translations of the Bible, concordances, dictionaries, and commentaries you can find many answers to your study questions.

One feature I enjoy tremendously is the ability to parallel view of two translations. You can view The New International Version alongside The Good News. Maybe you want to use The Complete Jewish Bible in conjunction with The King James. Whatever you choose, you have over 25 translations to study from.

You can highlight verses, make notes, read commentaries, check lexicons, whatever you need to do in order to enrich your Bible education.

Several translations include the Apocryphal Writings which fell out of favour with many over 150 years ago. While considered by most as “not-inspired”, the books might shed some enlightenment and to see it covered on this website is a nice plus.

The Devotionals section holds something for just about anyone. Women, favourite pastors, lifestyle, Bible reading plans, Spiritual growth. You can choose to read the ones you want on the site each day or the website happily sends them to your email box. Each day they have a devotional they feature, and they cycle through the different categories.

Best of all, you can tell the site you want to read the Bible in 365 days. You can choose your start date and your translation. You also get the choice of a strait read through or the popular plan of each day reading from the Old Testament, New Testament, and Psalms/Proverbs. I chose the latter for something different, and I must say it is an interesting experience. Thanks to this plan I completed Luke, Hebrews, Genesis, and Exodus since the start of the year!

When you look at your Bible in a Year plan your screen is basically split. On the left you can see each day’s reading assignment by month. There are easy to use check boxes to show your completion. On the right you find a box with that day’s reading assignment in one hand dandy place. Zip! In roughly 15 minutes of strait reading, you are done! Matthew 8:1-13, Exodus 25-27, and Proverbs 12, complete! At the start of each chapter you see a link in case you want to “study” it, which allows for the parallel viewing and notes. At the bottom of the reading you have the wonderful button to update your chart for your finished reading.

In preparing my essay on Elizabeth, I studied Titus Chapter 2. On this website, I found an excellent lesson on that very chapter! You should see the notes in the margins of my Scriptures! Most was stuff that I thought about, but seeing the lesson helped me find a good way to make notes. And then the new nuggets of information brought a joy and satisfaction to me.

Overall, I find this site exceedingly enriching. Because of that, and the fact I found it first, I continue my Bible assignments there as opposed to yesterday’s site. I never understand the not reading in order, but I admit I have found a definite fulfillment from it. The selections fit each other quiet well.

–Lady O
-edited because for some reason even though I see the formatting of paragraphs, LJ ate it. Go fig.