True Love

I was editing another photo to sample for the upcoming wedding in Arizona… and I thought I might share with you guys what I came up with!  Let me know what you think for this effect. 

All I did was cut out the background and add this blue one in.  It’s nothing more than a bucket insert of colour.  I told it to gradient between the foreground and background.

While in photoshop, I set up an action to add my signature to photos.  I figured… yeah… it’s about time. 

I need to get out and try to do some romantic shots of couples.  To practice for the wedding, plus I need some photos NOT from 2005 to play with!  Not that this friend minds.  Last time she asked if she could use the image on her myspace.  Guess we’ll see what happens this time!  *GRINS*

If you live near me and want some photos… let me know.  I could use some homeschooling cash and some practice as well as something besides stressing over LJ-Idol!

–Lady O

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