The Congressional time change combined with two horrible weeks of crazy crazy shifts on the part of my husband and just a whole lot going in… I’m way behind on my writing.

Juan is partially written/edited but I am going to finish that and post it in its regular slot on Friday… we’ll just take a week off.  Sorry.  I promise, there’s some good backstory coming as well as names… FINALLY.

Walking With Women is partially done as well.  I’ll try to get it up Monday, just a day late.  But I have homeschool gym and hopefully beating this sleeping craziness.  So try back in 24 hours but if it’s not up, I’m just going to hold it for it’s regular time slot on Sunday.

Sorry for no updates this week.  The time change never does well with me and I was just highly stressed and messed up from everything else.  Everything’s OK, I’m just… tired!  LOL

That said, I’m going to bed.  I have to get up in the morning to school my kids and take them to gym.  HEHEHE.

Oh yeah, and expect a fun post somewhere midweek/late week about some fun kiddo action.  You’ll see more about why I’m just so tired… we did a little legwork this week and managed to pull off a miracle of sorts.  🙂

I’ll be wrapping up WwW and JotD before I do that though…. hehehehehe

Thankfully I’ve got this week’s idol entry in for LJ Idol.  Though my poll standings currently are ABYSMAL.  I’m on the verge of being voted off.  I don’t want minikin to get voted off.  *SIGH*  Feel free to encourage votes for me for the both of us.  Also up for elimination are my dear friends Sircaliban and ewok_princess so I’m kind of bummed out.  I don’t want any of the four of us to be out.  *SIGH*

Much love and have a good Holy Week if you are celebrating Easter this weekend!

–Lady O

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