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Mesa, Arizona LDS Temple, originally uploaded by Lady Ozma.

I thought you guys would like to see a picture I got while in Arizona this past week. This is the Temple in Mesa just as the sun hit a beautiful evening position. I love this so much I made it my new desktop background. 🙂

I took this while shooting the portraits of the bride and groom. There’s just a couple of photos posted over at my flickr. (Follow the picture link if you like.)

I took about 1100 photos between everything this day so I have my work cut out for me in editing. I didn’t get much opportunity to go shooting desert shots like I wanted. *SIGH* I wish. I really wanted some picturesque desert shots… c’est la vie!

If you are curious about the camera situation… it’s still missing. 😦 No word. At this point I know it has been found and someone has just decided for whatever reason to not get it back to the proper owner. Such a shame. I hope that they enjoy my camera as much as I have. I love that camera.

The Xti has been removed from Ritz Camera’s website to make way for the new Xsi. Which of course is about $200 more. Which means all the longer before i can afford to replace it. I have put together a package with the camera, my wonderful lens, a memory card, and the extended service plan and the painful price tag is $1300. Ouch. Double ouch. 1300 ouches in fact. LOL

My sweet husband has been very supportive. He should be granted sainthood for the amount of whining he has had to put up with. He is determined to help me buy a new camera as soon as we can raise the funds for it.

Meanwhile it’s back to the old camera for me. Talk about an adjustment. I keep trying to change the lens so I can get in closer to things… ROFL. And low light? Don’t even ask. Thankfully I didn’t have to use it a whole lot this weekend as my friend graciously loaned me her Xti. Though I was annoying her because I kept putting it in manual and she can’t use that mode. Every time she picked it up she was like ‘What the heck is it doing????” LOL I was like, “you are gonna be real happy when I leave and you can keep this in portrait mode, aren’t you?” LOL.

So that’s it for me now. Enjoy this photo. Feel free to watch my flickr for what else I post. I still have a couple more I’d like to post as soon as I get done processing… 🙂

–Lady O