Hey everyone!

I just wanted to post a “I survived Balticon” entry to let you guys know that I am home and that life will hopefully be getting back to some semblance of normal for a bit.  Here’s the scoop:

Hotel Crud is almost all gone.  YAY!  Just still tired and now have a sinus headache.  Feeling much healthier!  Woot!

Balticon was awesome, even if I was very out of it from my Sudafed.  Please feel free to let me know just how stoned I looked.  To quote Tee, “You looked like you were in a fog.”  Yeah, I know.  That’s what that “non drowsy” stuff does to me. 

Camera situation: Still MIA.  I am coming to terms that I no longer have my wonderful camera.  I am still mourning the loss.  Because of some birthday money and the generosity of a few people to my paypal account, I have scrounged up the starts to a replacement of items fund.  I am 10% of the way to new gear.  My XTi is no longer on the website, so I am basing this off the next XSi model.  I am not sure how long the XTi will still be available in stores and unless someone has access to a money tree, I feel it better to plan on having to put out the extra expense.  I am thinking that it looks like I will be out of full photography commission until December.  Unless someone paying comes along and wants a wedding done.  Then I can use my fees for that to get a new setup and don’t think I wouldn’t do it.  ROFL.  Thanks again to the support of all of you great people.  You have made this whole situation berable.

Flood Situation: It really looks like most everything is OK.  It’s going to take a while to really figure out if we lost anything, but it doesn’t look like we lost much.  Woot.  My house is in mega disarray with stuff literally crammed where ever we could to avoid the floodwaters and move out of way for flooring removal.  Today the landlady came by with a handyman to measure for new flooring.  My house will likely remain in this state for quite some time as we really need to wait for flooring before we can move forward.  I will most likely wait until that time before I truly access anything else.  Feel free to drop in, just please except a mega pigsty.  It’s making me nuts, but there’s not much I can do about it so I’m trying my best to deal.

Wedding photos: I’ve edited a handful.  Mostly the brides room and whatnot photos.  Nothing new has been put to my flickr.  I have been away all weekend and just too tired tonight.  I’ll definitely twitter when there is more done.  🙂  I’m so glad I was able to do this.  It’s going to be a fun project to distract me from the chaos of my situation.

Homeschool: Well since the flood has made us completely wreck our home, I don’t know what to do.  I have to hunt through things to find what we need so maybe I’ll just bag the main lessons until mid summer after the house is semi sort of normal again.  Not happy, but what do you do?  It isn’t like the boys aren’t still reading loads and doing plenty of other sorts of things.  It just makes me feel guilty.

What else is there?  Oh, writing projects!!  Well, I really have a hard time writing in chaos, but I am planning some serious writing time anyway.  If I can’t really clean, can’t really school, I might as well do something useful!  So I think I’ll get back to my writing after the photos are done.  I’d love to do some sort of writing bootcamp to bang out some more Juan of the Dead.  I spoke with one of my writer friends this weekend about that project actually.  She was very encouraging.  As for Walking With Women, I plan to start that back up as well very soon.  🙂

That’s the random diary style entry from me!  Much love and hugs to all!  If you happen to find the fabled money tree and would love to share with me, let me know… *SNICKERS*  I’ll do the same.  I’m kind of thinking a new camera and a trip to a tropical paradise until my house is fixed up is sounding real good right about now.  What about you guys?  Party in Bora Bora on the money tree’s dime?

–Lady O

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