I first read about my love on the internet months before release in the US. Oh, how I eagerly awaited that date. But, no! Fate would keep us apart. Taunting me with the chance I COULD have.

At long last, I found my way through the obstacle course. Clutching my new Wii-Fit in my hands, I forked over my credit card and dreamed.

Things appear to work out well with my Wii-Fit. I now have all the balance games unlocked. Many of the yoga poses. All but one aerobic workout. Levels abound on my wii from beginner to advanced. My time piggy bank is growing fat with my time logged.

Now, I look for a way to make this more interactive. Sir Megabyte joined me on Wii Fit so we duel one another for top rank in scores. I need to work on edging him out! (HA!)

So now, I am tracking my basic Wii-Fit scores on my various microblogs. Anyone that wants to join, you are welcome! I have no real plan for this and will gladly take suggestions.

To go with Wii Fit, I also got My Weight Loss Coach. Now I can track my steps per day on my pink DS. How fun! Should I post my step count each day? Hmm… worthwhile thought!

So I continue to work on more ways to get in shape, burn more calories, lose some weight/inches. Since starting last summer I’ve only lost a few pounds, which is very disappointing, but I have lost several pants sizes. Can I get a ‘Woot!”?

Join me in the exercise fun. You won’t regret it!

–Lady O