“What are we going to have for dinner?”

I hear this constantly. From either my starving, growing boys or from my starving husband, or from the teeny-bopper girl. And generally, I have no real idea. No real plan.

I’ll admit it now. I hate planning the meals. I have so many foods I like and I never get to have them. My boys will eat just about anything, my husband will hardly eat anything. I never know what will work and what won’t. I love to cook, but feel inadequate. Mostly? I bake.

Sometimes I stock my freezer and I love that. I’m always looking for more meals of that sort! Seems we eat at home more when I have a stocked freezer. For whatever reason I run out of time and end up at 7 PM with no plans, otherwise!

Today we tried something different. I got the teeny-bopper involved. We just sort of dug around to see what we could find. On the bright note, the freezer above my fridge is a bit lighter, good for moving day next week!

We pulled out a bag of shrimp, tossed in some frozen diced onions, and used a ton of butter. Then we grabbed some lemon juice from the fridge and dashed on some garlic, pepper, and italian herbs. No real measurements, just kept at it. We also boiled some asparagus and brown rice. In the end the dinner proved quite tasty, great news for no real recipe!

Here’s how the rest of the week looks so far (and I’m taking ideas for how to best cook with what randomness one might have as we move in a week and I want to clean things out):

Monday: Spaghetti (must remember to make bread!)
Tuesday: Freezer made chili and some homemade cornbread
Wednesday: ???? Thinking maybe some “If you find it you can have it” to clear out the random assortment of tater tots, chicken nuggets, and etc

Saturday Morning or Sunday Morning: Cinnamon Rolls I made from scratch and popped into the freezer.

As you can see, I’ve some blank days. Guess I need to see what I can locate in the freezer and whatnot!

At least I have a semi-sort of plan! I am already a step ahead of the game!

For now, it is bedtime. Who thinks I can keep to my goal of eating at home this week and formulating a plan? Who thinks I can possibly feed my family before 7:30 PM? No one? Yeah, well, I am sure going to try!

Trying is half the battle…

–Lady O