My laptop ate itself last night and that’s making me nuts. I cannot get it to boot up at all. The lights come on, but it’s like no one is home in there. How is a girl supposed to survive? It’s barely a year old and this is insane. Seriously depressed? You betcha.

I went to DC today with the boys and so this is way late, but here’s my menu plans. I am changing today from the original plan because Rebecca was kind enough to make dinner for us! She made a tasty Quiche, but she used some of the things I’d had plans for. So I may end up altering my current plans or having to get to the store ASAP. Not a real big deal, but I haven’t had time to assess.

Monday: (Was homemade pizza) Tasty Quiche with sausage and mozzerella cheese. Doesn’t that just sound good? Let’s just say the leftovers will not last long tomorrow!

Tuesday: Soup and Bread – I haven’t decided which mix to use. Sorry. I’ll decide by what looks tasty tomorrow! 🙂 I’ve been stocking up on Bear Creek soup mixes which are beyond yummy.

Wednesday: It’s activity night so if you can find it and it is fast, you can eat it!

Thursday: Pancakes – Breakfast for dinner anyone? YUM!

Friday: Chili Pockets – Another family fave from Taste at Home magazine I got last year. That thing rocks the house!

Saturday: Sausage with Bow Ties – Yikes, there it is… my missing sausage! Someone remind me to hit up the store before then! 🙂 (Or maybe we’ll try to make pizza if we have enough cheese…)

Sunday: Pork Loin Mmmm another tasty tasty! Though my husband is not so keen on this one. Poor guy. He doesn’t know what he’s missing!

So I hit my CVS deal today. I got nearly $16 in items and spent only .59! Rock on! My pantry and my wallet are liking the recent deals. Let’s hope I can keep working the deals and rebuilding my pantry!

–Lady O