Now that I am in my new house and things can begin settling down, I need to refocus myself so that everything can stay nice and orderly.

Those that know me, know all about me. I love organization. I can’t stand CHAOS. After living in utter chaos for far too many months… you can only imagine how great this feels for me!

The great thing about keeping things orderly, I can know what I need to replace, what I need to stock up on, what needs care, all of that sort of day to day needs. We can start doing our homeschooling full force again, so my lesson plans needed some shaping up.

Out comes the Control Notebook. Why do I call it the Control Notebook? Because it help me keep control on all the crazy things in my life! Some call it a Household Notebook, others just call it their brain. What does it hold? The question is more akin to what doesn’t it hold?!

My menu plans, lesson plans, a pricebook, a pantry log, addresses, cleaning schedules, you name it.

Taking some time to get my Control Notebook in order for the new house was definitely worth it. We can now keep track of everything and I feel very organized for next month. All I need now is to pack my freezer. Next month is NaNoWriMo and I want to rock and roll from day 1. I need to work hard so I can make my 50k words! Plus, after so much time “off” I want to make sure we can get back into the groove.

The other good thing about the Control Notebook is that I can hopefully get on track for rebuilding our year supply of goods. With a pricebook, I can follow where the best bargains are and plan each grocery stop’s stock-up expenses. With a log for what I have, I can know when I meet goals. Keeping coupons in the notebook, I can snag even better deals than coupons or sales alone. All for the best!

The rest of the house organizing is moving along well. My pantries will probably experience the “work in progress” syndrome for several months. I keep moving the way I set up each shelf. My “TBR” (to be read) bookcase now has books alphabetized by author.

Ahhh, the order feels so good.

–Lady O