Last week didn’t shake out quite as expected or planned. That’s just fine… I like to shop for several weeks at a time, so we can do this once in a while.

Our foreign exchange student decided that cooking that yummy quiche on Monday was not enough. (Did I mention how good that was? Yeah… we inhaled it!) She wanted to make dinner on Thursday so she headed out to the store on her bicycle after school.

What did she make? Well, we experienced a fine case of too many cooks in the kitchen. She let the boys help and they all got excited using lemons! It was supposed to be lemon-flavoured chicken but ended up being some slightly chicken flavoured lemon. Fine by me, I scarfed like there was no tomorrow. I happen to love lemony fish, so it worked well for me. So, while it did not turn out quite as planned, it got eaten and mostly enjoyed by all. (Enjoyed greatly by ME!)

Friday night my mum took us to Ryan’s. Tasty salad time for me! I really hit up the salad bar at these kinds of places. I love salad bars because I love the mondo salad, but I hate doing the work involved to have the mondo salad.

We ended up shopping all day on Saturday. We got some INCREDIBLE deals. Woot! We were so excited we decided to grab some food. Unfortunately I felt very carsick. So we ate out and decided to let Caramon pick a meal to be made at home tonight. He choose chocolate chip pancakes. Tasty!!!

So, we’ve got some stuff to move to the next few weeks as well as a slew of new meals from our megashopping trip. We got about $300 in groceries and spent only half that. I love deals!

I’ve noticed a couple of my friends are now posting menu plans. It’s kind of fun to see what other people are eating. I’m enjoying posting these for personal reasons. Just seems to work better for me to have at least somewhat of a plan!

Monday: Chocolate Chip Pancakes for Caramon’s birthday. The exchange student ended up in the kitchen again – she baked this fudgey cake. Woah. I need to get on the Wii Fit now! Yikes!

Tuesday: Pepperoni Ziti with bread (I made a double batch when I did this a couple of weeks ago so it’s all in the freezer!)

Wednesday: Hit the Pantry, it’s youth night! If you can find it, you can eat it!

Thursday: Eggs – We need something real fast to make because it’s a crazy night for us!

Friday: Soup with Bread Last time was Cheddar Potatoe and I added in some frozen broccoli. So I think I’ll go for a bean or veggie or something. We’ll see what mixes I have and what looks good on Friday!

Saturday: Chili Pockets -These are so tasty and we haven’t had them in a while! I can’t wait!

Sunday: Sausage with Bowtie pasta with bread. This is a new one to try. I’m hoping to get another good new rec!

So there you have it. The next week! And yippee! I already have another two weeks planned out as well! GREAT!

I really need to organize the pantries. Oy. I’m scared. Wish me luck!

–Lady O