That’s right. I am planning my next nervous breakdown to commence Saturday, November 1, 2008.

November comes bringing the start of the holiday season. Most people plan holiday trips, start shopping, prepare card lists.

And then you have the other people. Those that say such things can wait till December. Why worry over the holidays when you can spend the month of November pounding feverishly at a keyboard, rip your hair out over word counts, and cry in a chat room with all the other elect few? All these types need is a cocktail of NoDoze, Ativan, and maybe a dash of mighty hard liquor.

That’s right. Writers around the globe join one another in the insanity known as National Novel Writing Month. The goal? A mere fifty thousand words in thirty days. For you math whizzes out there, that’s roughly 1666 words a day. Piece of cake!

Let the insanity begin!

This will be my third year as a NaNo participant. The last two years I did reach my 50k goal. Will I this year? I will track my progress on my microblogs. MySpace will have a widget. You get the picture.

I’m ladyozma at NaNo. What are you surprised? That’s user 166110 so feel free to buddy me if you are participating.

It’s Word War Three for me. May I be granted the strength to survive.

–Lady O