OK, I just gotta say it. Dinner tonight (I’m really writing this on Sunday) was so absolutely tasty! It was a new one for us and wow. I even got a pretty decent “OK” when I asked the hubby if he liked it. You just do not get much better than that!

The recipe claims “5 servings”. There are five of us. This ended up enough for two meals for us. So I dumped the other half into a freezer pan and we can have it in November. I’ll just reheat on a busy day when stressed from NaNo! Score!

If you don’t remember, tonight was Italian sausage with bow ties or some such. Woah. Taste of Home strikes again with a home run! That one magazine is awesome! I really need to get more copies. I am not one for magazine subscriptions, but… this one tempts me.

So what’s on for this week? Insanity! But, I’m working hard on a costume for Halloween and am a busy woman!

Monday: Book It Pizza Night. My kids read and so we’re gathering at the Pizza Hut to use our coupons. Talking about books and eating yummy ‘zza. Awesome family night adventure! Plus, after being gone all day to the Palin rally, I’ll want something fun and easy.

Tuesday: Pancakes – Yeah, we’re digging breakfast for dinner. It’s easy, it’s tasty, and everyone is happy! Expect more of these in November with NaNo breathing down my neck!

Wednesday: The usual Search and Rescue operation – Search for food and rescue yourself from starvation because it is youth night!

Thursday: Hamburger Helper. Gross, but my husband insisted. Pity me if you like. If you REALLY like, sneak me something decent. I even bought real cow meat. Ick Ick ICK! Man, see what you do for love?

Friday: Halloween! The kids will scarf and then the husband and I are heading to The Melting Pot post Trick or Treat. There’s a killer deal on the Big Night Out so guess what? We’re stuffing our guts with fondue goodness! My hope is that my costume scores me the $100 gift card award. So I can have a melting pot night again… post NaNo party? Sounds good to me!

Saturday: Pasta with bread. Mmmm We got a new type of pasta on a good coupon deal – free. So we’ll try it!

Sunday: Pork Loin. And guess what? It’s actually going to get eaten. I think we’re inviting our Home Teacher for dinner. We need something big like that for company. I keep putting this off because my husband doesn’t like the pork loin, but the rest of us love these things.

I am so glad I am now writing down our menus. It is nice to go and look at my ideas!

On a side note, Kashi cereal is on sale at CVS this week for $2.50. With the $2.00 off coupon from their website I can get it for .50! Looks like we’re trying a new cereal!

–Lady O