In a week, this election season ends and newly elected officials begin their work preparing for new jobs while those elected out prepare for turn over.

Tuesday, America heads to the polls after a bitter and negative campaign season. With both Presidential candidates leading negative campaigns (over 60% negative ads on both sides) how can we even begin to think positively about anyone?

Everywhere we turn, someone is saying something negative about someone else. I have to admit, I’m negative on both candidates and their running mates. How are these four the best in our land we get to choose between?

Well, I am tired of it. In a week someone will President-elect and someone will return to his job in the Senate. For better or for worse, the decision will be made. Our job is to find some peace in it, even if those we support are not elected.

I support no one in this presidential campaign, but I have my personal theories on who will win. I also realize that while I don’t support either of these men, that they do both have good ideas and bad ideas. In the end, they will do the best they can. As anyone who truly understands our political system knows, the President can influence matters, but he cannot really do anything. It takes Congress to write legislation, and so McCain or Obama will end up beholden to whatever policy Congress decides to serve up. In the last two decades I have been exceedingly underimpressed with Congress’s legislature. Considering the fact that combines the lovely combo of Biden and McCain, oh I feel just peechy about these two.

Today I think I will lay my misgivings on everyone aside. I am going to outline those things which I see as positive on each of the candidates and their running mates. Why? Because I feel we need to put it out there. Plus, all four of these people do have good things about them. Reasons we can feel good about their election. Mostly, because I am sick of the hate. Contrary to the feeling permeating the advertisements, the news, and the rabbid left/right wingers… these three men and one woman do offer beneficial things that should be noticed. None of these people are “out to destroy America”, “crazy” (though I do question the sanity of any political candidate *SNORT*), or “unAmerican”.

On the right we have McCain. At a time of war and with the multiple terrorist attacks this nation has faced over the last 15 years, a war hero like McCain would do well. He’s our own GI Joe. He has fought for this country, defending our freedom, and gone through the worst of all circumstances doing so. No one can question his loyalty or his ability to lead the military as “Commander in Chief”. He has over 20 years of experience in Washington, giving him the advantage of knowing his way around the inner workings of our federal government. He knows many and has a working relationship with many on the Hill, which could hopefully lead to a good relationship between the Executive and Legislative branches of our government. He has interesting ideas that would be worth at least exploring in regards to taxes, social security, and health care. They may not be the right answers, but our current systems are simply not working. We should look into any ideas that are out there.

McCain’s running mate is the only not from the Washington politics. That is a strong mark in her favour in my book. Biden and McCain are so deeply rooted in DC, I don’t know that we’ll ever get them out. Obama is also a Washington politician now and has limited experience at that. Politics in Washington is a game that is not necessarily the same as politics elsewhere. A fresh, non-Washington point of view in politics could bring some much needed change to the way that things are done on the federal level. A quick check into election history proves that as a nation we choose Governors over those in Congress. Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and Carter were all Governors. You can say inexperienced since she’s not from Washington, but it is a trend we in America like and it is executive experience. The Vice President isn’t allotted any executive powers, executive experience does mean she can act as an agent of the President better. It also means that she can lead, should she find herself in that position. I like the idea of a woman as Vice President. It is about time. I wonder why more women haven’t run. Palin is in a club of two, now. Women are just as capable as men. With a special needs child, I do like the idea of someone in Washington watching out for those with special needs. With the rise in various special needs cases (ex: autism), our educational system so murky, and healthcare a disaster? We need someone who isn’t just watching out for “normal people”, but ensuring that the needs are met for those who are in need.

The other thing I like about McCain and Palin is that they both stand for themselves. They don’t just go and tow the party line and anyone willing to do that is great. I hate the party line, which is probably why I refuse to claim a party. Both parties have good causes, and so it should be OK to go off the party line if it’s what you feel is right. So, even if I don’t agree with the policy/idea, kudos for jumping off the party bandwagon from time to time.

On the left, Obama is our offering for President. One of the things I like most about Obama is how he always talks highly of his mother. He has not had the easy, kushy life, and he gained a great respect for his mother and that’s great. Also, he’s young and vibrant. He has a lot of energy and a positive attitude. While I think his current job would allow him to really help achieve all the change he talks about, but his hope of a new tomorrow is something that could really lift flagging spirits in the country. We need a cheerleader, and Obama is a great guy to bring pep in these tough times. He, like McCain, has some interesting ideas for bringing some changes in the way current things are done. Once more, may not be the right answer, but we need to find something to improve broken systems. I like people with ideas, it means they are trying to at least find a way to fix the problem instead of letting it persist. What can I say? I also think that Obama’s demeanor of a strong, well spoken, comfortable in front of a crowd person could help our nation. The President is the figurehead of our nation, and we can use someone that can show those things to the world. Two final positives I see in Obama would be the fact that he is new to Washington and he is biracial. While his inexperience worries me, I really like the idea of someone without those deep ties like McCain and Biden. The problems our nation faces now are the result of many years of Washington politics. I do not like professional politicians, and so I like newbies, like Obama. He brings the hope that he hasn’t gotten jaded or so tied up with “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” deals. As for the biracial aspect, I say about time. Why has our presidency always been white men? We have many great people in this nation with all sorts of backgrounds. Let’s give them the chance! A biracial man can lead the way for more diversity in the Oval Office.

Finally, Biden, with more experience than McCain. Nearly thirty years on the Hill means that Biden knows the ins and outs of just about anything in DC. He knows how to work with those on the Hill, which is of course part of what the Vice President does as President of the Senate. Since Biden worked heavily on creating policy in the 90’s that was a precursor to the Patriot Act, we know that he worries about our national safety and wants to ensure that we can do whatever we need to in finding and stopping terrorists. Our last two presidents experienced terrorist acts on our soil shortly after taking office. I think we can all agree we do not want this to happen again.

So, there you have it. Some positives for our presidential candidates. It is not really meant to start an argument on these things, but to just be a look at the good each person has to offer this country. Next week two of these people begin their preparations to take over the jobs of President and Vice President. Regardless of outcome, we have a historic new administration with either the first biracial president or first female vice president. That is an exciting thought!

Have a great day. For those of you that actually support these people, good for you. I’m glad you can. I’m still undecided on which way my chad will hang, but I look forward to pulling the lever on Tuesday. Get out and vote. If you really want change, this is your chance to determine the direction that change will take. Either candidate brings change, and I look forward to the next four years.

–Lady O