As I watch the polls roll in, I sit and wonder. My entire life the Democrats scream, “Virginia is going blue!”. Regardless of the fact the last time that Virginia voted for a Democrat was 1964.

Then again, Virginia voted Democrat every presidential election from 1876 until 1924. The 1928 election saw the first Republican winner in Virginia since Ulysses S Grant in 1872. Are we possibly ready to start another roughly 50 years of Democratic voting?

I do know that somewhere along the way, the two parties sort of changed sides. Historically, the Democratic party supported the farmers and labourers, and the religious. Today, we see especially farmers and the religious going towards the Republicans. As the oldest party in the country, the Democratic party has grown and changed over time. We see the same happening in the Republican party, which didn’t come about until the 1850’s.

I know that I feel strongly there are “two Virginias”. We’ve seen people flamed over using “real Virginia” in the news, but regardless of wordage, there is a difference. Northern Virginia is mostly urban, southern Virginia is mostly agricultural. Northern Virginia is home to many that work in DC, and those that work in the government tend to be more open. Combine that with a Democratically controlled Congress, and that means more Democrats working in the area.

So the question each election really falls to, has Northern VA grown enough to outweigh Southern VA? Look at the map of recent presidential elections and you can easily see that the bulk of the Democratic voters, though not all, reside in the Northern portion of the commonwealth.

Me? I’m independent. I keep the two parties at the safe distance the belong at. Neither deserve my allegiance as they do not prove to me their willingness to do what is most important – uphold the Constitution. Neither encourages men with good values and honour to join the ranks running for office. Instead, both parties raise up immoral people that then become professional politicians.

Our first President, George Washington, refused to take the presidential salary. I wonder if Obama or McCain would be so giving to our country as to serve with no pay. Hey, to be fair to them, I’m not sure I would want the abuse that is hoisted upon the POTUS without the pay. I also question if any of our elected officials would so freely give up their salary. Imagine what we could do with the federal budget if they did! Ross Perot stated that if elected, he would refuse the salary. A man as rich as he probably considers it a drop in the bucket, but I admire his class anyway.

As of today, I am undecided. Obama, McCain… well I see little difference. I do not share even half their ideals. Though I have less in common with the third party candidates, perhaps I’ll lodge a protest vote anyway. Protest to the two main parties that they brought us such lousy choices. My vote, though, is not what I am wondering about.

I am curious about my state. I sit back and I watch the political circus. I watch the polls which I must admit to thinking are very one sided. No one has come to me and asked my opinion. I don’t know anyone that has been polled. I do know that I know many more McCain supporters than Obama supporters. I know a whole lot of undecided voters. I also live on that Northern VA/Southern VA line.

In 1992, I remember thinking that for sure Clinton would sweep through Virginia like a hurricane, leaving Bush battered and defeated. The “experts” said Virginia was going blue, after all. Clinton lost. In 1996, I wasn’t so sure, but thought with a lousy opponent like Dole… maybe it would happen after all. No, somehow Dole won. Well, OK. 2000 came and still I wondered… nope, Bush took Virginia. By 2004 I decided to not be shocked if Virginia went for Kerry, but I expected a Bush win.

So this year? The polls say we are “weak Democrat” here in Virginia. I do believe it. I do not think that anyone can say for sure that this is the year that Virginia swings to the Democrats after four decades of choosing Republicans.

Election day may hold many surprises. My eyes will still go toward Ohio, for as goes Ohio goes the nation. No Republican has taken office without Ohio. Good luck McCain, if you want to win I sure hope you can pull off Ohio. But, while watching Ohio, I’ll definitely be watching my own state.

In 2008 are we red or are we blue? Were the polls right or were they exceedingly biased? Is this the election to determine Virginia’s voting status, or is it a fluke because of the current world situations?

Only time will tell!

–Lady O