In other words – How I made three quilt tops in one day!

So my mother and I saw this awesome looking quilt at our local shop and fell in love. When we asked if there’d be a class, the creator laughed and said we didn’t need one.

She then showed us what she used and oh yeah, she was right. We bought the original book, which was exceedingly simple.

We decided to try it out. The original idea is called “Turning Twenty” and you use twenty fat quarters to create your quilt. Twenty fat quarters is a really big quilt!

We needed two quilts, one for each boy. They are pretty big now and so they need “big boy quilts” for their beds. Something so they can make up their bed right and have plenty of blanket to cover those huge bodies they’ve grown into.

We also found some fantastic pinks so we figured we could make Som her own quilt because she loves all the quilts laying around my house.

Twin beds are not so big so we decided to use twelve fat quarters – hence the Turning Twelve!

We started with 12 fat quarters in each of three colour families – orange, pink, and green. We started around noon and in no time we had all 36 fat quarters cut and ready!

Mom sat down at my embroidery machine and I sat down at my sewing machine and we began working. She pieced orange blocks, and I pieced green. In about an hour we had pieced all twelve blocks of each colour.

We then moved to my bedroom where we laid out the orange quilt on my waterbed. From there we put the pieces together into a top.

I also pieced together the pink blocks. My mother took off shortly after we completed the orange top. I then worked in the evening to wrap up the green and pink tops.

To judge by the kids reactions to their quilt tops – I am totally high on the WIN today! Sure, it took all day, but it’s THREE QUILT TOPS!

Go me!

What do you think?

Now, my question is simple. Do I try to quilt these bad boys or do I just tie them? The kids want their quilts done TOMORROW so that looks like tying. However, I like QUILTS so I feel bad even thinking about tying. What do you think?

On the docket for tomorrow… buy backing and batting and try to wrap these things up!

Here’s the kiddos with their quilt tops:

And for those who are interested? I’m about to put the top band on my sock number 1 so I should hopefully start the second sock tomorrow! Yes, I’m also knitting socks this week as well as making quilts! Just call me Super Crafty Oz!

–Lady O