I’ve not been doing Menu Mondays, but I’ve been trying out a lot of new recipes. Why? Well, that’s simple!

My mother gave me a new cookbook for Christmas. Usually I won’t even look at cookbooks because it’s just far too depressing. My husband is just so picky that it makes so many cookbooks seem like a waste of money and cruel because they taunt me with all sorts of yummy meals that I can’t make.

However, this one had so many that I noticed from skimming that I thought might work out for the picky needs… I got uber excited!

I’ve tried so many new recipes and I thought I’d share them. Normally I just tweet it (which then goes to FB Status) but I’ve had some winners and I definitely plan to make them again!

Salsa Tuna Salad – This was a tuna salad, thus a cold meal. It’s a quick and easy light meal that involves absolutely no cooking. I’m going to put this on my summertime list for sure! The real cool thing is that not only did the salsa give an interesting flavour to the tuna salad, but it was made with yogurt instead of mayonnaise. My husband won’t do mayo and it’s one thing I do totally feel him on. Mayo is YUCK!

Cheesey Ham Biscuits – I used this one for some of our Christmas left over ham. It’s going in the file because we always seem to have left over ham if I make one. I then never know what to do with all that left over ham and this meal was super easy! Joram actually made this one for us!

Broccoli Tuna Roll Ups – These were great play on enchiladas. Think enchilada only without the Mexican flavour. I love the way the broccoli complimented the tuna!

Parmesan Stuffed Peppers – So these were really pretty and yummy, but I’m lazy. The pepper part was kind of complicated. So if I do it again for just our family I’ll just chop up the peppers and mix them in. The good news? EVERYONE loved this meal! YAY for that! Seriously! I got a “Pretty Good” from my husband. I NEVER get anything that positive!

Spinach and Cheese Enchiladas – OK, so this was awesome. The meal was big enough for two meals for my family. The boys and I happen to LOVE spinach and this was a great new way to work it into a main dish. When we ate this, we just couldn’t stop slurping it up. It was a table of happy taste buds!

Tonight I made (not from the recipe book) a wonderful stir fry. I was in Wegman’s last week and they had this set of veggies already cut and packaged for stir fry. I grabbed a bottle of stir fry sauce and some shrimp and called it dinner. The veggie set and sauce were fairly inexpensive and so that was pretty cool. I still have half a bottle of sauce!

Speaking of Wegman’s, I also found this lemon caper sauce. I’d gotten some scallops on sale at the grocery store a few weeks back and tossed them into my freezer and thought that a lemon caper sauce would compliment the scallops. I whipped up some angel hair pasta and called it dinner!

These were some yummy meals over the last few weeks. I’ve got some new tries for this week as well. I’ll list them before.

I am excited because I’ve also earmarked some other meals in this cookbook to try. Here’s hoping I can find some more winners!

So what’s on the plan for this week?

BBQ Chicken Wings – because one night my husband is going to an American Chopper event and he didn’t bother to +1 me. Grrr. I ❤ that show! Since there's food at said shindig… I told the kids they could have wings. And there was much rejoicing in the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte!

Clam Chowder – I got most of the things for it. I'm ready to roll as soon as I finalize the recipe! I have high hopes for this though since Sir Megs likes clam chowder!

Chicken/Steak Marsala. My mom gave me this one and said she is *pretty* sure she's seen my husband eat steak marsala somewhere and this recipe is one where you cook the meat and then put the sauce over it so she and I thought I could easily do a two-fer meat meal dealio. We'll see. I'll probably do that one over the weekend.

Pot Pies over rice – an easy family fave.

I'm not sure what else we'll eat. Payday is this week so I have to go to the store. Which means making some plans!

What's on your menu? Have you made anything interesting lately?

–Lady O