If you know me, I love to have organization in all things. I got so many great deals in such a short amount of time, however, that my pantries went from empty to bursting seemingly overnight! I started to panic. Where would I put my next great deals? What would I do? I was running out of space, I couldn’t find anything, and it was utter chaos!

Today, we made a huge mess in the middle of the living room floor. Everything came out of the pantry and we set about to organizing it. Like things together, that sort of thing. It looks amazing! And wow, there’s still tons of room! Bring on more deals!

In the one pantry, I made a shelf for our snacks and the like. Chex Mix, Altoids, chocolate, cookie mixes, cake mixes, that sort of thing. Under that I set up for pasta and potatoes and the like. Then I have another for beans and rice. More staples! The bottom of the closet has a ton of room, so I thought this was great for our paper products and large things like flour, sugar, and raman noodles.

The other pantry gets the canned goods and for now the toiletries. A whole shelf dedicated to toiletries! Once I figure out a plan for the bathrooms, those will likely get moved there. But, for now, I have a shelf for them!

Want to see my hard work? Here you go!

Isn’t it lovely? I thought so, too!

I love a good deal. As some of you are well aware I scrounge for these all the time. What can I say, I’m cheap…er frugal. Yeah, frugal.

I also like to be prepared for a rainy day. Given the times we are in, doesn’t seem a bad idea, does it? Not really. My church also councils preparedness. You never know when the next Katrina or earthquake will hit. I live in an area that has been known to get hurricanes, blizzards, and earthquakes. We’ve also had major battles fought here during the Civil War. So, you just never know what may come. Having these pantries for my storage makes me so happy!

Here’s an interesting thing, which I could not photograph. I have an unfinished laundry closet. It’s just studs and whatnot. Above the doorframe I have the wood for the frame and some studs. Don’t you know, it’s the perfect size for two bottles of detergent and some boxes of fabric softner? Score! I moved my deals on those up to there, freeing up some space above the washer and dryer. We plan to take full advantage of that! What a great idea! I’d take a picture, but it is too dark. Sorry!

So, there’s my organization for the week! Hope you enjoyed! Now, go organize something yourself and post back!

–Lady O