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OK, I just can’t help it. I’ve had so many tweets, texts, pings, emails, and blog comments. Combine that with the AWESOME deals this week? I have to post. That’s right, it is another awesome savings post!

So you ready for this? It’s unbelievable.

First, my big brag. I cannot believe this even worked out this way. I mean really. When you read this, you won’t believe it either. If you see me, ask, I’ll flash you a bra strap.

A bra strap? That’s right. Now don’t think that I’m talking your Walmart or Kmart special. I went to the mall. To Victoria’s Secret to be precise.

That’s right. Victoria’s Secret. Keep reading! I did not walk out of there spending $50. OK, I did, but not on the bra. Here’s what happened.

While doing my usual procrastinating from writing I stumbled upon coupons for VS and Bath and Body Works. (They are both owned by the same company. And while they hired Klum from some European nation, they are based in Ohio.)

These coupons were too good to pass up. So what did I do? I abandoned all thoughts of writing, and IM’ed my mum. She’s always in need of a bra. After we got done printing, we headed out.

You see, my last bra broke in the wash several months ago. I put it in one whole and nice bra. It came out as two bra halves. What? Yeah, your guess is as good as mine. We looked it over and could not determine how it was ever one whole bra in the first place and thus… bra begone. It was my last one. Thankfully I’ve not been graced with ample tracts of cleavage, so no big deal. I’m not huge on the bra wearing so I figured I’d wait for a deal. But we all know how my summer went, forget bra shopping.

And now we got a deal.

Armed with coupons we stormed Victoria’s Secret. I discovered a really pretty new bra there. It’s some Italian thing. Best of all, it has this great resizable band. I was a dancer for many years and my ribcage is larger than normal. So I don’t really have a normal size band. Voile, you slidey action this sucker, and it fits!

Best of all? The price tag said 19.50. Score! I knew there were bras for around 20-ish at VS, but they are hard to find. Not these baby’s, they are center store and very well displayed. So I tried on the three various styles and picked the one for my coupon.

Along with this coupon, I got a free panty. So I went over, scored myself a free panty. My coupon said, “$10 off a bra”, so I am thinking my total will be $9.50. I wanted it to be $10 so it would garner me a Secret Santa Gift Card valued at, bare minimum, $10. By the register was a Pink lollipop for $2.00. I fork the three items plus my coupon over and wait. The cashier says, “Your total is 6.46.” I start doing math on my fingers. “19.50-10+2… nope that doesn’t equal 6… what???”

Turns out my bra was on sale. 25% off. It rang in at just over 14 dollars which meant, yes with my coupon, four and a half dollars. For a freaking bra and panty at Victoria’s Secret. Holy macaroni! Needless to say, that needs a rinse and repeat!

I love a good deal. I find many. But I never in my life would have guessed I could walk into a Victoria Secret and buy a bra and panty for less than five dollars out of pocket.

The other coupons I had were for the beauty products. I won’t say what I got exactly, because they are for Christmas gifts. I used our Christmas budget for said person. Oh she still has more in her budget, never fear! And as I was required to do multiple transactions, I got lots of those little Secret Santa Cards! So look below for my awesome deals of the week!

CVS: My Cost: 19.71 Total Valued Items: $216.51
What didn’t I buy? This includes 5 listerines, 4 body soaps, 1 shampoo, 1 hair dye, a ton of chocolate for Christmas, a bunch of cereal, and you don’t want to know how many altoids. At a savings of over 90%, I say, “Job well done.”

This week I spent a ton at CVS. I could not pass up the cereal for a buck deal. I just couldn’t! With two growing boys, the cereal is inhaled in the Oz home!

Target: My cost: NOTHING Total Valued Items: $26.54

What? I know. My cost would have been 1.54, but I had a $5 gift card earned on a purchase a week ago.

Bath and Body Works: My cost: 21.00. Total Valued at $38.

This goes to the Christmas stash. Best of all, I got a great coupon for 10 dollars off a purchase of 30 or more! Score!

Victoria’s Secret: My cost: $61.15. Total Valued: $138+ gift cards = MINIMUM $178

It doesn’t end there. I have FOUR gift cards. Yes FOUR. Each one is valued at $10 or more! Two of my transactions were for aforementioned Christmas. The other two were for my bras. Can you say WOW?

All in all here’s how my spending went:

Not too shabby, right?

With those four gift cards, I plan to return to get more items in December. Hopefully the deals will be good. And hey, maybe I’ll have one of the $500 gift cards! Wouldn’t that be a nice investment of my $60 bucks?

I’m hot for the Christmas deals. With a family of five plus more, I struggle to find ways to make our small Christmas budget turn into a Christmas miracle.

Now, I’ve got one person partially taken care of. These were items I was planning to buy for her anyway. My money just suddenly went a lot further thanks to coupons and the gift card promotion. Next plan… the boys. I’m completely stumped for that one!

Who said working the coupons doesn’t pay off? Need I say CVS and VS bras?

Have you found any good deals? Let me know!

–Lady O