Where does the time go? I cannot believe that another Monday is upon us and it’s time to go through the menu planning yet again.

Normally I am good, but not today. I’ve been swept up in so many other things. I’m busy this week with some other things and I’m just not even sure what we are doing.

I did all my grocery shopping for good deals. I think I did quite well. Plenty of good food stuffs for my family for our pantry!

We’ve done a lot of focus the last few days on our garden. That will be an entire blog entry in a few more days. (I’m waiting to take some photos to post our initial garden planning.) It has taken up a HUGE amount of our time.

I’m also planning for a coupon class on Saturday. My house is a wreck as I go through a massive pile of newspapers trying to gather inserts. I am only half done. Yikes!

I’m also trying to finish this month’s book challenge of 9 books by 9 new authors that I’ve never read. Yikes! I’m hoping to make it, but if I do it will be because I’m slipping in under the wire!

And then today I was working on my eternal quilt project. Made some headway. If I’m not working on the gardening project tomorrow I am going to try to work on the quilt project some. I can’t wait to blog about that when it is complete!

So yeah, food? Talk about an afterthought with all of this going on!

Yet I can’t let my family down. My boys are showing the tell-tale signs of “growth spurt”. Lord, give me patience. Hope that garden starts producing soon. We need all the “free food” we can get for these boys!

So what’s for dinner?

I honestly don’t know. Mostly because we’ve got some things going on that we are trying to juggle. And Wednesday is payday so I’ll have to take a good stock since we’re out of things like meat. So I’ll have to head to the stores for those sorts of things. It might be time to do some more freezer cooking!

Monday: Tonight we ate our enchiladas. MMMM. So sad those are done for. They were so tasty!
Tuesday: I have my women’s group at church and we’re having soup. I’m making bread. So I’m leaving dinner up to the menfolk. I’m not sure what they will make.
Wednesday: It’s Scouts so it’s another “You find it you get it” meal night.
Thursday: Soup
Friday: PIZZA HUT – February is nearly over… we gotta go out for Book It!!
Saturday: This is my big stumper. I am teaching that class so I want something that will not mess up my kitchen and that we can eat early on. Plus my men are going to the church basketball league. I may see what I can find at the store that’s premade that won’t take up any dishes.
Sunday: Spaghetti and homemade bread.

So there you go. Another week worth of food from us. Sort of. LOL Since two nights are pretty much up in the air… call it what you want.

–Lady O