Finally, a snow day worth photographing! And wouldn’t you know it… I’m sick! Blah! I guess you gotta get the flu once a decade or something. All I know is I feel like death warmed over.

The kids are staying with friends to avoid the plague and let me get better. Today they made a bobsled run. How fun! I wish I was up to going and seeing it and taking photos. Cause how cool is that?

At any rate, I’m just here to post some photos. On the bright note I manged to get some meds in me. So I feel a million times better. Hopefully that means I am on the mend since I couldn’t even do meds yesterday. 🙂 Maybe I’ll be better and able to get real snow photos before it is all gone!

Sorry these photos aren’t all that inspiring or creative. But they are snowy fun! There was just no way I was gonna take my fevered body outside this house. LOL

Here’s the view out my front window!!!

How I wish I could go to the end of the drive and shoot a photo of my snowy house!! I bet it looks cool! I think this because that house across the street looks a lot like mine. So I bet that’s what my house looks like!

Here’s a photo looking into my neighbour’s backyard:

See all that snow on the top of my shed? Cool! And my deck? Woah! And that backyard? That’s what mine would look like in a photo if the deck weren’t in the way. HEHE

See here’s my backyard and deck!

Woah, that’s just awesome! And with the grade, this would be fun to go sledding on. OK, not as much fun as my steep drive out the front window, but not near as scary dangerous what with blacktop and etc… Even my trampoline has snow on it! Do you see that? THAT is an awesome snowfall!

And now the best… saved for last!

Why is that the best? Because you can see my garden boxes I didn’t get a chance to photograph yet! They are those square things. Once the snow is gone I’ll get out there and photograph them for my upcoming blog entry on our new garden project. It was supposed to come out today but I got sick and didn’t photograph them. And then it snowed! Hehe… but I just think it is awesome. Those boxes are ten inches high! The sun spends a great part of the day in my backyard. So some of the snow has melted away. This morning I could make out where the boxes were but only just… unfortunately I was too sick to go get the camera then.

So anyway, that’s the best photo because it’s gonna keep you watching for my upcoming garden entry! It’s gonna be cool!

This snow fall was great! I couldn’t even make out the road this morning! It’s been too long. I am a native to this part of VA and I remember when we used to get snow. Snow like this, and better, all winter long. But alas… that’s been a long time. *SIGH* Now this is an amazingly heavy snowfall.

–Lady O