Yes, that’s write! Er Right. No wait, write! As in time for me to write with literary abandon! The goal? Fifty thousand words in thirty days while handling the affairs of the house, taking care of the kids, managing foreign exchange students, and a pile of photography work!

Why do I do this to myself? I’ve won three years in a row. I’ve got FIVE partially finished books already. Why start another?

Well the question is… why not? HAHA Here’s the simple fact of the matter: I just don’t have the time to write. Not the way I’d like to. Between taking pictures, homeschooling, reading the 250+ books, cleaning the house, and everything else on my plate? Just not going to happen. But I love it! I love the challenge of creating!

I want to finish my other books. I do. I even have plans – one day. But you know how one day is. One day becomes almost never. My goal is that once the boys are gone, then I can focus on writing. Editing. Finishing. (Though I swear, I’m working on editing Juan of the Dead which is actually mostly done!!!! I swear it is!)

But that’s still a ways off. With no deadline hanging over me? Forget it. It won’t happen. This is just the way I work. I always have. Why? Because I am the queen of procrastination.

When I was a journalist, some of my friends will totally back me up on this one, I’d wait until 0 hour. I’d be writing that article about 11 PM Thursday night. I’d then be editing it around 2 AM Friday morning. And finally around 5:30 I’d give up and send it in by my 6 AM deadline.

Why? Goodness only knows. I like to torture myself?

THough I did just download Scrivener for my new Mac and wow. Where’s that been my whole life? From the way it looks, I might be able to speed up my editing process. Wouldn’t that be nice? (Hey it’s the reason I just bought Lightroom 2 for my Mac. Anything to speed up the photography processing!)

When it boils down to NaNo though? It’s the carefree way in which I can just be creative. Everyone knows I do it. I feel like I can take the one month to do that which I love and don’t seem to be able to work into my daily life. Not only that, I seem to actually get OTHER things done in November, too. I know, strange!

So I do it for the love of the creativity and insane rush. There’s just some sort of high in saying, “Hey I wrote 5,782 words today!” It can’t be topped!

And best of all, I can say it and there are tons of people around me who are all doing the same thing. For once I’m not alone in my insanity. I have a whole world of Wrimos joining in with me!

It’s Day 5. I’m at 15,000 words. I’m so proud of myself! I’m loving it! I’m also working on burning a stack of photo DVDs. (They were due like a week ago, but I’ve been having some issues with the new software. It’s all been user-based, I swear!) And I’m ripping podcasts I’ve recorded to MP3.

See, I told you. More done in November than any other time.

Cause that podcast? Egads is that behind. But I spent a summer where every other week I had no voice. And guess what? I feel like I’m getting ready to lose it. Again. Seriously. WTH is up with 2009 being the year of Oz having no voice? I’ve been healthy (aside from the plague this winter), I just sound hideous. It’s getting old.

Seriously. Old.

Oh well. Who cares, because really? To quote the Mighty Mur: I Should Be Writing.

To 50,000 – and beyond!

–Lady O
PS Because Misery loves Company I’ve got Joram, Caramon, and Som all doing Nanowrimo with me! And, because there’s not enough on my plate? I’m volunteering at the high school helping the wrimos there! I truly have lost my mind. In December, someone check me into the “day spa” known as “Snowden.” Kthnxbai.