I’ve made my travel plans to SLC and got confirmation that they are firm! I gotta tell ya, I’m super excited about the whole trip!

First off, there’s meeting of my long time friend, Margot. I can’t imagine life without Margot and we saw each other through some pretty scary times. Plus she’s an amazing writer and an all around stellar gal. I just can’t wait to see her!

I’m also trying to plan to see some other friends in the area. I just can’t wait! Some of my friends moved to Utah ages ago and I miss them! Anyone wanna move to Virginia?

My big excitement (after the friends, of course) is that I get to go to not one, but two awesome events! First, I get to go to the 1st Presidency Christmas Devotional for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. That’s right! Me! In the Conference Center with a gazillion other Saints. Including the Prophet of God!

I can’t believe I get to be in the same room with the Prophet. President Monson is so awesome and he’ll be breathing the same air I am! (Yes, I totally had to throw that in because of Elder Bednar’s talk from General Conference. HEHE) I know I’ll be totally invisible to the 1st Presidency sitting up on the stand, but I don’t care. I’m totally jazzed anyway!

The other great thing I get to do is to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir’s Christmas concert. They are so amazing. This year they have the incredibly talented Natalie Cole performing with them and I am so ready to swoon. I love Natalie Cole and I love love love her father, Nat King Cole. So yeah, I’m gonna be in the same room with like the ultimate in musical royalty as far as I’m concerned.

Me? Excited? Just because I’m bouncing off the walls in anticipation? HA! Surely you jest!

In between the awesome events I plan to take my camera to Temple Square to capture pictures of their amazing light presentation. I’m also planning to go to the Salt Lake Temple.

Any ideas for what else I should do?

Me and my camera are so excited!

I leave December 6th and return December 12th. I’m so grateful for my husband’s travel this year that has allowed me to get a free plane ride that really made this all possible. And I’m especially grateful to my friends in Utah who’ve helped give me the hook up on all these events as well as a place to lay my head down whenever I come down off the manic high!

Without them, I’d be spending the week in VA. Which would also be great. 🙂

More blog entries to follow, I’m sure!

–Have Camera Will Travel – TO SALT LAKE CITY!

–Lady O