I’m going camping. That’s right. Camping. I have to leave my luxurious castle in the Kingdom of Sir Megabyte and hit the wilderness like a peasant! Wait, I don’t even think a peasant would sleep in the middle of the woods! Save me now!

For the last week I’ve been trying to get my brain wrapped around a new calling at Church that has me puzzled though I believe I see the reasons why it is what I was asked to do. For those who are questioning my insanity for being an anti-camper who accepted a camp related calling, let me assure you that while I have NO CLUE what is going through the minds of the Powers That Be, I also know that it is the right calling. I’d had some impressions over the few weeks leading up to the calling, probably because I’d spent at least one month praying about callings at Church. As insane as it sounds, this calling makes perfect sense when I look at the impressions I got.

Besides, it’s not so much that I dislike the idea of camp as I just don’t dig the whole dirt/bug/no running water side of things. I actually enjoy things like hiking, archery, crafts, and games. I would just prefer to go to a climate controlled room with a bed and a flushing toilet and warm water shower at the end of the day. I seriously need to invest in a yurt. While there’s no climate control, at least it’s better than a tent. (OK, I have a *slight* obsession with the awesomeness of yurts. Yurts rule! And no, I’m not googling camping yurts while writing this entry… not me!)

*For the record, campgrounds with erected yurts often have climate controlled yurts. So this is possible. I am just stating that if I had my own yurt to go camping in that it would not have climate control because of the whole moving it about and not all campgrounds having electric sort of deal. I just wanted to clarify that yurts CAN actually have climate control, just like cabins.*

That said, I also realize that this is one of those callings where you just KNOW that God has a sense of humour. Only way to explain the non-campy getting camp-like callings.

*More boring errata: Our Young Women’s camp this year is cabin camping so while I consider it quite barbaric to be sans-climate control, it shouldn’t be too terribly bad. I can do cabins. I even hear there are flushing toilets and showers. So I’ll be just fine. However, I do maintain the right to make fun of myself and this whole camp situation, because really? It is just too funny not to make light of! That said, I’ve got my fingers crossed for some sort of spy theme since the cabins are part of some old spy school. How rocking awesome is that? Oh yeah! Somehow I doubt we’ll get a spy theme, however. Le Sigh. Oh, and I welcome you giving me grief over this whole thing. Seriously. Because once more, it’s just too funny!*

So there you have it. The Lady is going to summer camp with a pack of wild teenage girls. It’s a good thing that I actually LOVE these girls! I’m just going to say this now (because I doubt they’ll even read the note on Facebook anyway so that means there will be no swollen heads!): My ward has the very best young women in the Church. That’s right. I said it! They are sweet and funny. They are energetic and cheerful. They are brilliant and talented. I love the idea of spending time with them and look forward to all that they will teach me.

I understand we might have to plan some additional activities in order for the girls to complete their camp requirements. I’ve read the manual from cover to cover and so I am hopefully ready to find ways to fill in the gaps. I already have some great ideas and look forward to talking to the Young Women’s President about it. We’ll see what she thinks about my flavour of royalty (being a Lady and all) fits in with a camp like theme.

Please. It’s me. You know I can do it. I’m magical that way. *GRINS*

–Lady O