I’m innocently trolling the internet for the great new hot and I see on my facebook that my local library has a new video on youtube. Now don’t take this to mean that they are like uber hot youtubers or anything, just this video is new on the interwebs. Honestly, I have to admit I was first surprised and then curious. My library has been doing some pretty cool things of late, truly embracing the future. This makes me happy.

Why? Well, first, I’m a technojunkie. Like you didn’t know that already. Second, I’m a bookworm. Also, like you didn’t know that already.  I love the library.  This is MY library. I remember hanging at HQ when it was really the only library in town. My favourite young adult novel of all time? I totally purchased it off their book sale. Figured it was fitting since I racked up enough fines to possibly open at least two of our branches just on that one book alone. CRRL, you are welcome for my "donations". Finally, I lived for a while in Columbus, OHio where they had the second best library of the nation. And that library was hot. Moving back here was a little bit of a let down, and I figured with budget crunches my library would never keep up. 

Looks like I was wrong. And I can’t be happier!

So I zoom on over to the youtube video and watch. And then watched again. Then posted to Facebook. Then started thinking about my other favourite library videos. Then I showed my kids. They seem to think we need to make a video response. FUN! We’ll see if they follow through. (They are great at ideas and horrible at follow through. But they are my kids and I love them.)

I decided I wanted to hit my blog to share a few of my very favourite library videos.  Why? Because libraries are hot. And they are struggling. Which is a shame. America, get out there and freaking read already. It’s not gonna kill ya! 


1. Who doesn’t love Ghostbusters? And who doesn’t love Improv Everywhere? These guys ROCK. (I’ve always wanted to do something like them around my town!)  They made this video because of budget cuts to the library system in NYC.

3. The best of them all… the New Spice brought to you by BYU. These people don’t mess around. They rocked the spoof in a way like no other.  And with over two million hits? Oh yeah. Because? You’re in the library.


**Bonus note. The creator of those crazy Old Spice commercials? BYU Graduate. So I suppose their spoof being the best is only fitting!  Bet you didn’t know that. But now you’ll win at Jeopardy one day!**

4. Like you didn’t know it was coming… here it is. My local librarians. Rockin’ in the library and letting us ALL know that they WILL survive. You go, librarians! PS. Kudos on using all the branch locations and everyone. Loved it!


Seriously, awesome. CRRL FTW!  And seriously, does anyone think that one guy looks like Tim Gunn from Project Runway?

Like it. Make it go viral. Go my little blog minions, go! You know you want to! 

And why did I do this? Why? Because I’m just so White and Nerdy. Because I grew up in my library. HEHE Take it away Weird Al:



Have a great and bookish day! And maybe I won’t talk to you about the recent study saying kids are smarter with a home library of over 500 books and how I believe we have at least that many in my house… and how I know we have eight times that many at minimum at my mother’s house.

–Lady O