I was born with some birth defect making me pretty much blind in my left eye and not so hot vision in my right. Lucky for me, the Lions Club and some doctors tested out some experimental procedure with lasers that allowed me to be able to see.  Over the years as I’ve gotten older and my eyes stopped growing and whatnot, my vision has settled to not horrible but not awesome either.

Moral of the story? I need to wear glasses. I’m just glad they aren’t those nasty BC frames with thick coke bottle lenses that had me mocked throughout elementary school these days. Huzzah!  Hey, a girl has to find the silver lining. I’m just glad that we have a wealth of great and cheap choices in specs.

So here’s what happened this year.  I needed to get my eyes checked. I needed a new RX. I only wanted to make it through the Summer of Health Doom and go in. Unfortunately, I’m really dumb and destroyed the right lens of my glasses in the end of July at the Boy Scout National Jamboree.  Ooops. Bad!!  

Due to the issues with my eyes, I have serious issues after receiving an exam so it took about a week to make it in.  Afterwords, I expressed concern about the diagnosis because of how bad my left eye acted during the actual exam.  Turns out, I was concerned for a reason. After an awful "adjustment" phase to my new specs, my left eye just did not seem to experience clear vision.  It was so bad that at church this week I couldn’t see more then a few feet in front of me and I had a raging headache. Mostly, I looked down hoping that then I could maybe not walk into a wall.

So here’s why I say kudos to great customer service.  The place I ordered my glasses from? Handled things supremely well.  Frankly, so did my doctor. 

I went to her last week and explained the weirdness with my eye.  She sat me right down, did some checking, and sure enough! I need a new RX. She whipped it right up for me.  She actually put my glasses on me, threw a lens that would adjust me to correct in front of my left eye and I kid you not, my eye relaxed. I mean a noticeable reaction.  I mean I sighed with pleasure.  Yeah, that’s pretty extreme. 

Now came the tough part. What would the rock bottom dirt cheap website do for me?  I have to admit I doubted them. Seriously, we purchased four specs from them for a total of $60. Two of those were darkly tinted sunglasses. My regular glasses had a vanity tint. Both of us got clip on shades for our regular specs. (That was Sir Megabyte’s idea, not mine.) That’s a whole lot of product for a not a whole lot of money. Roughly, we spent about $15 a pair. Give or take.  

I actually expected them to just say that because the error was on the part of my optometrist and not them, I was tough out of luck. That I’d have to order new glasses and get refunded nothing.

Surprise! No!

I called.  First, I didn’t have to go through a nightmarish phone tree or was asked what language I wanted to use. Kudos. I hate phone trees. And blahblah English as a second language blah blah. English speaking country. Want English! Second, while on hold, I received a very polite message at frequent intervals informing me of my status in the queue. Excellent! The queue moved quickly. Not bad considering I’m in the East Coast calling somewhere on the West Coast during the height of day throughout all of the country.

The supremely personable customer service agent expressed sorrow that my glasses were not working out for me. Once more, not their fault at all.  As far as we know, these specs are PERFECT.  Just perfect for someone with a different RX. She then stated I was within the 30 days of receipt so they would refund half my money if I sent the two pairs back. When I explained about needed to order new glasses and my old ones sported a broken lens, she even put a note stating that I was given permission to keep my specs so I could have SOME modicum of vision during the interim.

All things I completely did not expect in any way. 

So thanks to my great optometrist and thanks to ZenniOptical.com !! I’m going to continue to sing Zenni’s praises. I can’t wait for my new new glasses to come in the mail!

I hate that people spend their lives complaining about things and never give props where props are due. I like to give props.  So I expressed heartfelt gratitude to the customer service tech, told her I was exceedingly happy with the company, and decided I should really write a blog. Anything to promote awesomeness!

–Lady O