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I decided before I ever entered Kindergarten that I wanted to write.  I loved making up stories, but even then I was smart enough to realize that writing little stories meant I’d slowly starve to death. My plan? Journalism. It had absolutely nothing to do with my schoolgirl crush on Superman. Which I’ve totally gotten past, too. No, really. I have.  I mean it!

Yeah I wouldn’t believe me either. But come on. He shows off those great legs with tights, has a cape, can fly, and let’s not even talk about the hair. So yeah, I dreamed of becoming Lois Lane and meeting Superman and totally winning him over to Team Oz.

For a short stint, I even got to work for a paper. It was great. I loved it. I miss it. Well, I miss the keeping in touch with the community, knowing what was going on, writing, using my brain, and meeting people.  I definitely don’t miss the stress I went through worrying about my articles. I do not lie when I say this caused me extreme stress. I may blog, but when I write? It freaks me out to share. I worry. A lot.

Sadly, my industry is not fairing well these days. Newspapers are downsizing, closing, and changing in so many ways. It pains me to see their struggle because it is something I believe in.  Let’s not even talk about the venomous hate people have towards journalists.  Or the fact that journalists are still barely making enough money to feed themselves while working constantly.  (Seriously, when I worked before I was often up until 4 AM writing my articles.)

Did I tell you about one of the highlights of my life? I toured the CNN HQ in Atlanta, GA and got to try out the teleprompter. Hey, I waited about three nanoseconds to see if anyone else would want to try before I jumped in front of everyone.  I got to say my name in the same sentence as “For CNN, this is…”

I nearly melted. On the spot. Right there. *SWOON*

Ok, so why all of this? Well, because 1. This week I’ve been doing a little newshound-ish type stuff and it’s made me super ecstatic. And that’s all you are going to get on that topic.  2. I saw this new Barbie and while I’ve never been a huge fan of Barbie or anything but really? I want this.

I Want To Be: News Anchor Barbie

I don’t know what this means for me. I suppose it’s just another example of what a geek I am. So I spent all morning solving the Rubik’s Cube over and over. So I am lusting after the R2D2 Droid. I think we’ve all known that I am beyond geeky. Why try to hide it?

Now, how do I look like Barbie? Because if I did, I bet I could totally score one of those coveted 8,000 slots in America for this job. Yeah, dream on girls. I don’t mean to burst your bubble, but really? This is a near impossible job to get. Never fear, I’m in the bubble with you.

–Lady O