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Remember my post about Zenni Optical? Where I praised their customer service?

Well, I’m back for round two.  And do I have an excellent showing for you!

Let me first say, once more, I just LOVE to proclaim it loud and clear when I receive exemplorary customer service. There is just far too much whining and the like in the world. People should get kudos, even if they never, ever know.  Shouldn’t we share more good things in this world, not for getting something in return but because it is just the right thing?

To remind you, or bring new readers up to date, the short story is that I busted up my glasses. Due to some eye problems, my new RX ended up being the wrong RX. When I contacted Zenni, they offered to refund my purchase by 50% on the wrong RX glasses and to let me keep them until my new ones arrived. Awesome!

Now, I have to admit to this. I shameless plug these people because I just am a fan of their cute glasses and dirt cheap prices. I tell EVERYONE. It is a real kick to me to say to a person, “You like my glasses? Great now guess how much I spent!” The new ones? Someone guessed $400! When I informed them of the $20 price tag which included a hard case, lens cloth, anti-reflective coating, and vanity light tinting of the lenses? That face was PRICELESS!

Zenni’s never offered me anything, but apparently my shameless promoting combined with anyone else’s must be paying off. It took forever to get my new glasses!

That’s OK.  They deserve promotion. They rock and I would REALLY like for them to stay in business!

So what’s the big deal? Why am I posted about all of this again? Because here was a surprise to me.  In comes my package. I open it up, expecting the same thing I always get. What is that? A pair of gorgeously pretty (redundant? yes! true? absolutely!) glasses wrapped in a lens cloth and resting inside a hard clam shell case.

This time, one of those fell out. (Since the glasses are so cheap, I get RX sunglasses. Which I recommend for EVERYONE. It’s nice to have dedicated shades.) The second case followed suit, and that was the surprise!

I suppose Zenni felt bad for me? Or maybe they found my blog. Who knows. There was no reasoning from them included in the package, they sure didn’t tell me to expect this, it just happened.

Take a peek:

Schmancy glasses case

The bottom is the regular clam shell case. Totally what I expected to come this time. The top is the case that one of my new glasses arrived in. It’s hard, but covered in this lovely fabric.  There is the nice zipper, but what you cannot se is the awesome belt loop on the back. Now I know what you are thinking… “Batgirl Oz, really? Like you need anything else hanging off your utility belt?” What I’m thinking is… camera bag.

Camera bag? Why? I HATE wearing glasses when I shoot. It is like you end up mashing the glasses to your face, smearing up your frames, bugging your eyes and your eyelashes, and it affects the ability to look through that viewfinder. It makes me postal. I often put my glasses on top of my head and then they fall off.  Sometimes I just wrap a lens cloth around them and then place them oh so carefully in my camera bag for the duration of a photo shoot. (Right, THAT is what I do, I don’t EVER do anything lazy like just chuck them in the bag.)  My thought: This gives me a proper place for my glasses when I am out shooting photos. With a pretty easy access for when I need to go walking, because I am actually so blind that walking without glasses can sometimes make me a little off kilter. You wouldn’t believe how many walls I have walked into.

Now I have this pretty schmancy glasses case. I can’t wait to show it off.

Thank you, Zenni Optical! For my way cute glasses, the fantastic price point, working with me on something that was not even your mistake, and then surprising me with the schmancy glasses case!

–Lady O

*Official disclaimer that I was in no way approached by Zenni Optical to write such glowing reviews about them. This is just what they did for me and how I felt about it all.*